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RUSH: Look, we found another Obama oddball. Obama’s nominee to become commissioner for the equal opportunity employment commission is Chai Feldblum. She’s an outspoken gay rights activist, Georgetown University law professor, and she has praised polygamy and contended that traditional marriage should not have privileged status. There’s a sound bite we’re working on even now, I just sent it up to Cookie. Apparently this is just an oddball duck. This is another thing, people say, ‘Obama’s got all these oddballs. Does he not know who these people are? Does he not know who Van Jones is?’ Valerie Jarrett handpicked Van Jones. He knows exactly who these people are. This is who they all are. This is purposeful, folks. I know it’s difficult for a lot of you to understand that there are Americans who don’t like this country as constituted. I know it’s difficult to understand. You think they’re fringe protesters that show up to protest this or that.

No. They’re running the country now and they’ve been around since the sixties when the academics first got to them, actually started in the forties when the leftist radicals really began to take over the academy. They intensified their charges, you know, started growing up in the sixties, and their kids started going to school in the sixties, it’s built and finally they’re in charge. This was what Bill and Hillary wanted to do in a less radical way than Obama, but they’re all the same people. This is who they are. Obama got elected, there’s a chance, put all these people in powerful positions to remake this country. This is serious stuff.

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