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RUSH: Now Saturday Night Live is making fun of Obama. Here’s an interesting thing. Johnny Carson was loved, as you well know, and he was loved by the whole country. When Johnny Carson dumped on you, you were done. When Johnny Carson started making fun of you, you were done. Now, the reason that that happened — see, I am a highly trained broadcast specialist and I understand these things. I understand how the art of broadcasting works. Carson was not a polarizing figure. I mean, he was a comedian, but Johnny Carson had a knack of waiting until the people got it. And then he let fly. I am not Johnny Carson. I don’t wait for the people to get it. I help the people get it. And since I’m ahead of the people, half of them hate me. But we’ve been making fun of Obama for nine months, for a year-and-a-half. Finally Saturday Night Live cannot avoid it anymore. The guy is a joke in many, many ways.

It’s so funny, even CNN fact-checked a Saturday Night Live skit. We have the audio coming up. MSNBC got their underwear in a wad over the Saturday Night Live skit and they did a whole discussion about it, about Saturday Night Live being mean to the president, going after him, and still these Obama hacks are complaining that talk radio cheered Obama’s failure to win the Olympics for Chicago. Now, it’s really too bad that these fools aren’t more animated about winning the war in Afghanistan and lamenting the failure of this president to act like a commander-in-chief with young men and women dying on the battlefield. What do we have to do here? We have to get Mayor Daley to call Obama and tell him to focus on Afghanistan and do what needs to be done to win it? Is that what it’s going to take, maybe a phone call from Valerie Jarrett? Obama has spent more time talking to liberal Democrat doctors dressed in white coats handed out by the White House than he has been talking to his generals.

And that stuff at the White House yesterday, you know, we learned now that these 150 doctors are all Obama contributors or supporters, or the vast majority of them are. They showed up, many of them showed up, as you know if you’re invited to the White House, you show up in a coat and tie, you have reverence for the place. These guys did not bring their lab coats, their doctor jackets, their white coats, so the White House passed them out. The White House passed out white coats to the doctors who didn’t bring theirs because it’s all image and when I read the story I’m beginning to think maybe these guys aren’t doctors, maybe they’re just all actors because I know full well that the vast majority of doctors want no part of Obamacare, they want no part of any kind of a public option, they want no part of this at all.

So for you Obama hacks who are complaining about talk radio cheering his failure to win the Olympics for Chicago you have to understand something. We conservatives are rooting for our country, especially in the middle of a war, and we don’t need lectures from hacks. Now, it’s interesting today, Richard Cohen, Washington Post, Roger Simon, Politico, Bob Herbert, New York Times, all cream Obama today for basically having no gonads. Are you gonna lead, Barack? Are you up to the job, Barack? I’m thinking, now, what’s bringing this on? It was only yesterday that we shared the story with you from the American Spectator that Obama’s a beta male, not an alpha male. And that can be seen now in many, many news stories and these three guys chime in and I’ll tell you what it is. They don’t care about Afghanistan; they don’t care about Obama leading on the world stage. What they care about is his domestic agenda and they’re afraid he’s going to blow the domestic agenda by blowing international events and national security events.

Obama has no foreign policy. This is what you gotta understand. Biden’s it. That’s comforting, is it not? Biden is our foreign policy. This general, McChrystal, I’m convinced now that this guy, McChrystal, leaked to Bob Woodward at the Washington Post. I think that’s how it got out, because I think McChrystal — I mean this is deadly serious stuff what’s happening over there. This is not just Afghanistan. We got rolled over there and it’s over, and I think this guy, trained general takes it very seriously. I think he’s scared to death of what he’s dealing with, folks, I really do and I think that’s why he leaked his report. I’m just guessing, wild guess, but I think this general is scared to death of what he’s dealing with in a commander-in-chief who has no foreign policy.

All he does is make international trips, give campaign speeches aimed at promoting himself. When he makes decisions about foreign policy they’re counterintuitive. By that I mean he embraces the killers and the thugs and the dictators. He lectures, and worse, he admonishes our allies, the small-D democrats that are our allies around the world. I wonder if it will be said, because Roger Simon, Richard Cohen, Bob Herbert, I wonder if they will be called racist hatemongers today since they have criticized Obama. Because all these other Obama hacks have called us conservative talk show hosts racist hatemongers. That’s going to be fascinating. By the way, we do have a message from the White House on the new Afghanistan strategery.

(playing of Obama spoof)

RUSH: The latest win-win strategy from the White House and President Obama.


RUSH: The State-Controlled Media is having a cow over this harmless little bit on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. It’s the actor/performer Fred Armisen, who doesn’t do a good Obama impersonation, but he does portray Obama in this bit.

ARMISEN (as Obama): When you look at my record, it’s very clear what I’ve done so far. And that is…nothing.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

ARMISEN (as Obama): You think I’m making it up? Take a look at this checklist. Now, on my first day in office…

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

ARMISEN (as Obama): On my first day in office I said I’d close Guantanamo Bay. Is it closed yet? No.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

ARMISEN (as Obama): I said we’d be out of Iraq. Are we? Not the last time I checked.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

ARMISEN (as Obama): I said I’d make improvements in the war in Afghanistan. Is it better? No. I think it’s actually worse.

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

RUSH: State-Controlled Media has its underwear in a wad. As I said, you need to take the skirt off of this guy if you’re the media. You gotta stop protecting him. He’s the quarterback. He’s supposed to be a man, an alpha male, and they can’t even get away with teasing him now on Saturday Night Live. They’re whining that Saturday Night Live made the slightest bit of fun of Obama which is what Saturday Night Live does. For crying out loud, Will Ferrell is still out there making a living off of making fun of George W. Bush. So yesterday and last night here’s a montage of a bunch of State-Controlled Media people whining about the Saturday Night Live bit.

DYLAN RATIGAN: Saturday Night Live taking on President Obama.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Saturday Night Live was a little rough on the president.

WOLF BLITZER: How should this White House deal with a Saturday Night Live skit like this? Do they just ignore it?

BILL O’REILLY: Saturday Night Live actually mocked Barack Obama.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: With friends like these, the president does not need enemies. Saturday Night Live just skewered the president.

RICK SANCHEZ: What’s insult to injury? It’s when Saturday Night Live starts to take notice.

LARRY KING: Saturday Night Live skewered the president. Is it a sign of tough times to come?

STEPHANIE MILLER: This sketch missed the mark, because great comedy is based in truth. I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’

KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL: There’s a role for humor, but come on.

RUSH: (laughing) ‘There’s a role for humor, but come on’? And whoever said, ‘the sketch missed the mark, because great comedy is based in truth? Everything they said in the sketch is true.’ Now, here’s Eugene Robinson, Real Clear Politics. He’s a columnist for the Washington Post: ‘Generals Need to Shut Up and Salute.’ Sure the generals need to shut up and salute unless they oppose Bush and the Iraq war and then the generals are supposed to stand up and be disobedient so that they can be praised by the likes of Eugene Robinson. The Saturday Night Live skit was even ‘fact-checked’ by CNN! They fact-checked a comedy show to see if they lied about Obama.

WOMAN: Bill Adair, editor of PolitiFact.com, a nonpartisan fact-checking website that rates the statements of elected officials, says SNL missed the mark on some of its claims.

ADAIR: I think SNL tended to kind of gloss over what is a fair amount of progress by this administration about sending two additional brigades to Afghanistan. We rated that a promise kept. On Iraq, Saturday Night Live said, not done. And of course that’s true, they’re not done.

WOMAN: As for health care, Adair says SNL also got it wrong since that legislation is still installed in Congress. But Adair says the sketch did get some things right, like Guantanamo Bay.

ADAIR: This is not a fair portrayal (snickers) of how Obama’s done.

WOMAN: We reached out to the White House for their reaction on this. They wouldn’t comment.

RUSH: This is just unbelievable, folks. There are two different media worlds out there. You know, it’s typified by what happened over the weekend when this BBC reporterette did not know that when I was talking Friday afternoon about Obama’s failed bid to get the Olympics, ‘Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm!’ They played that all over MSNBC, and this infobabe from BBC America was just beside herself. ‘That’s so insidious,’ did she say? It was ‘insidious’ to mention his middle name? She was totally clueless of this episode at the New Jersey school where the teacher indoctrinated the little kids to sing that song with those words. She was clueless. Now, how is it that I, El Rushbo…? I know everything they’re doing in their world.

I don’t have to read a website to tell me what happened on MSNBC. I don’t need to read a website to tell me what happened on CNN or it’s in the New York Times because I expose myself to all this stuff to find out what they’re doing, because in a sense they are the enemy. These people only know what is in their little cocoon world. If they don’t know about it, they don’t report it — obviously — and if they don’t report it, they don’t know about it and they don’t care to know about it. All they do, ladies and gentlemen, is read websites that summarize what’s said on this show and others and then report what is said. They never even call us to ask, ‘Well, did you really say this? What did you mean by this? Were you trying to be funny? What’s the point here?’

Very few do. Some do, but very few do. I certainly never heard from this babe Katty Kay at the BBC America. But she was just clueless. Now, stop and think about this: Those of us on our side of the aisle know everything they do. We read them, we watch them. They have no clue. They do everything they do for each other. The Sunday morning shows are nothing more than shows for everybody else in the media. They are not even for the audience. They’re not even for the American people anymore. It’s a closed circle. It is an inside-the-Beltway — well, I should say inside-the-New York-Washington axis or corridor. That’s who they program to and that’s what they do. This woman did not know.

And I’ll bet you a whole bunch of the State-Controlled Media does not to this day know that schoolchildren all over the country are being made to recite poems and sing songs in dedication to dear leader, ‘Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm, mmm, mmm.’ This is quite stunning, actually, when you consider how puffed up they think they are, how important they think they are, how smart they think they are, how aware. These are the people that say, ‘We need filters out there. You can’t trust what you hear in talk radio. You can’t trust what you read in the sewer of the Internet. You only need to trust us,’ and they don’t even know what’s going on. They haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on. And now, fact-checking a Saturday Night Live skit! Seriously fact-checking a Saturday Night Live skit! Breathtaking. Unbelievable. Except that it happened.


RUSH: Yonkers, this is Matthew, and you’re next on the program. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Oh, thank you for taking my call. I just wanted to make a quick point about the SNL skit thing and the media going after them. I just think it was more of a warning from these people saying, you know, we can make you, we can break you. We broke the Republican Party with Sarah Palin and the Tina Fey thing and they were actually really soft on him and it was a quick warning because nothing was ever brought up about the economy, about the unemployment rate not going past 8%, I mean nothing was even said about, you know, the talks with the nukes —

RUSH: This is a salient point you are making. I must congratulate you. You’re very shrewd. You’re pointing out something I did notice and fail to mention, and that is the things that they’re criticizing about are things the far-left fringe wants done.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly.

RUSH: They’re not criticizing him over dumping on the economy, over failing to produce jobs, over failing to create circumstances where the private sector can recover. So it could be that you’re right, it’s a warning. I don’t know. But they still made fun of him, and I still can’t get over the fact, Matthew, that Saturday Night Live skit, a comedy bit got fact-checked by CNN!

CALLER: Yeah. I know, ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

RUSH: Well, it’s comical. I’m going to repeat something I said in the first hour. People say, ‘Rush, what’s the big deal, Saturday Night Live making fun of Obama.’ I’ll tell you what’s the big deal about it. I’ll go back and I’ll compare Saturday Night Live to Johnny Carson. I’m going to throw myself in the mix here, too. Johnny Carson was a comedian. Johnny Carson was not a polarizing figure and there’s a very good reason why. Johnny Carson was the best at television broadcasting. When Johnny Carson dumped on you, i.e., made fun of you, you were a joke. When Johnny Carson dumped on you, you didn’t say, ‘Oh, wow, all publicity is good publicity, I hope he pronounced my name right.’ You didn’t say that. That’s the standard cliche reaction to bad publicity. Johnny Carson hit you, it meant something. And the reason it meant something is that Johnny Carson was never ahead of the people. Johnny Carson waited until the whole country or a majority of the country, he had a sense for knowing what the country thought someone was a joke. And it was then that he piled on.

So Carson validated what a lot of people already thought and that sealed the deal. That was oftentimes the nail in the coffin. Saturday Night Live is not Johnny Carson, but it’s close. Saturday Night Live waited and waited and waited, and they finally made fun of Obama. They are the first mainstream outfit to make fun of Obama. Now, Jon Stewart, he’s done so, but this is bigger. They never fact-check Jon Stewart at CNN when he makes fun of Obama. And Chris Matthews and the boys never get upset at PMSNBC, but when Saturday Night Live did it, they did. Now, where do I fit into this? Well, I fit into it this way. I am ahead of the people, which is why a certain percentage of the country despises me. Unlike Johnny Carson, I don’t wait ’til everybody figures it out, because I consider myself a factor in more and more people figuring it out.

I’ve been making fun of Obama for a year-and-a-half and of course I’m hated and despised by a few people for it. Now all of a sudden I’m joined. I’m always ahead of the game. Everybody’s always playing catch-up. But as such, it’s kind of interesting for me to sit around and watch everybody catch up. And now it’s starting to happen with this Obama stuff. Everybody’s starting to get it. The only troubling thing is there’s nobody that can do anything about it, Republicans don’t have the vote to stop any of this. So 2010 looms as the most important election we’d have in quite a while, and public opinion does matter. Not saying we’re powerless here, but in terms of having legislative votes to stop it, it is, we don’t.

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