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RUSH: Rodney in Kingsport, Tennessee. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. How are you?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: I’m a pediatrician in northeast Tennessee —

RUSH: A-ha! You’re one of these guys that does unnecessary tonsillectomies to pad your back pocket. I heard Obama talk about guys like you.

CALLER: Yeah. I’ve done none of those in 30 years.

RUSH: Oh, then you must amputating feet under the guise of being a pediatrician.

CALLER: No, no, no.

RUSH: Because Obama told me about those kind of guys, too.

CALLER: No. The 150 doctors that were in the Rose Garden were very offensive. He made it sound like we were all supportive of him. For those 150 I could probably bring you a thousand that are opposed to it. I’m not a member of the AMA or the American Academy of Pediatrics because they don’t represent my philosophy. That was a photo op.

RUSH: Total photo op, even to the point of passing out the white robes.

CALLER: Right. Most of us don’t wear white coats. In fact, right now I have scrubs on.

RUSH: Yeah, but the TV doctors do, see —

CALLER: I know. I know.

RUSH: — either white or blue. That’s the image.

CALLER: Right. Remember when the Surgeon General said no doctor should make a profit, I believe I heard her say that several weeks ago.

RUSH: Surgeon General, you mean the overweight Surgeon General?

CALLER: Yeah, yeah, yeah, they don’t understand, if I don’t make a profit, I can’t pay my rent, electric bill, pay my secretary, pay my nurse, my needles, syringes, alcohol pads, vaccines. I close the door. Then who’s going to take care of everybody?

RUSH: Well, I’m sure they’ve thought about that. I think that they just expect you to work because —


RUSH: — order you to, yeah.

CALLER: Okay. All right. All right. One other thing before I go, you know, the congressmen always say the big drug companies that donate to them, that does not influence their votes at all.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Do you know there’s a new rule from the pharma group that pharmacy representatives no longer can leave any pencils, pens, pads, papers, because that might influence the way I prescribe my medications?

RUSH: You mean pharmacy salespeople that come into your office?


RUSH: They can’t leave you those cheap little pocket protectors, those cheap little —

CALLER: Nothing. No.

RUSH: Because it might influence the prescriptions you write?

CALLER: That’s right. That’s right.

RUSH: You probably throw that stuff away anyway it’s so cheap.

CALLER: That’s true, but they can’t leave anything.

RUSH: It’s not like they’re giving away Cross pens.

CALLER: No, they’re just like Bic pens and that kind of thing, no sticky notes, no nothing.

RUSH: Well, I think, look, Obama said the oil companies are going to have a tough time giving up their profits, too. Those doctors are already working at nonprofits. See, that’s the thing. Those doctors, 150 doctors, the vast majority of them that you talk about went up to the White House, they’re Obama contributors. We looked it up, the names that we could find, the people that were there, and a lot of them work for nonprofits already. Like ACORN is a nonprofit.

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