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RUSH: Remember last week I told you how Harry Reid was going to pull a trick on everybody to get the Senate health care bill actually over to the House for conference committee by attaching a merged bill. Two Senate bills — there’s the Harkin committee bill, and there’s the Baucus committee bill — and he’s going to take the best parts that he likes, gonna merge them into one bill, and attach them to some other bill that the House has already passed, sent over to the Senate that they haven’t acted on yet, and that bill will be something that will be easy to get cloture on, 60 votes, then they send it over to the House, they conference it, and they send it up to Obama. Here’s Harry Reid in a September 17th interview. We found this. He was at the Latino Congressional Caucus gala. Cybercast News Service’s Nicholas Ballasy interviewed Dingy Harry and said, ‘The Senate Finance Committee releasing the bill that’s going to cost $896 billion, the president said he won’t sign the bill that adds a dime to the deficit. Why do you think he’ll sign this bill and why do you think it won’t do anything to the deficit?’

REID: The bill that came out of the Finance Committee isn’t something that is going to get the immediate approval of everybody in America or every senator, but it’s a part of the process. That bill will go now to full committee. They will have a markup. They’ll report a bill out of that committee and then I will take that bill and the bill from the HELP Committee and put it together and bring it on the floor. That’s the bill we need to focus on what’s happening now is just part of the process.

RUSH: That’s back on September 17th and that’s Dingy Harry admitting it. And guess where I first learned of this? AskHeritage.org. AskHeritage.org is where I first learned of this, and now we’ve got audiotape here of Dingy Harry admitting two-thirds of the process that will equal the trick. Those guys are good and they are invaluable at the Heritage Foundation.

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