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RUSH: Yesterday I told you about three Drive-By columnists. Let’s see, one was Richard Cohen, one was Roger Simon of Politico and Bob Herbert, New York Times, all writing pieces, ‘Does Obama got a backbone?’ ‘Is Obama prepared to lead?’ ‘Is Obama ready for all this?’ And I said this to Bob Herbert.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Poor Bob, so deluded. Bob, let me answer this for you, please, honestly now, Bob, he does get it, Obama gets it. I don’t think Obama cares. This is all part of the design, Bob. Why am I wasting my breath? Bob Herbert will never believe this. Why am I wasting my time, he’ll never believe it. Well, it’s not a waste. Addressing it to him is a waste. It’s so tempting to try to make him understand this. I don’t think Bob gets it, either. The answer is not FDR; the answer is not government work projects; the answer is not stimulus programs; the answer is not a second stimulus; the answer is not cap and trade; the answer is not health care reform. How many times does this have to be proven, though?

RUSH: Mika Brzezinski talked to Bob Herbert this morning on MSNBC, and they had this exchange.

BRZEZINSKI: I think that’s a very good question, ‘Does he get it?’ Where are the grand programs to infuse jobs into this economy?

HERBERT: I’m waiting. I have a lot of sympathy for the president, and these problems he’s confronted with are enormous, and he’s gotta deal with Afghanistan —


HERBERT: — you know, it looked like the economy was going to fall through the floor, and on and on and on. The biggest domestic priority right now and for a long time has been employment. I mean I think it’s a bigger issue than health care, and I just think that we haven’t addressed it with the kind of urgency and the creativity and the funding, frankly, that’s required.

RUSH: We had the story yesterday that the Democrats have figured out, Bob, that it’s easier to pay ongoing benefits than it is to go out and create new jobs because they figured out, Bob, they can’t create new jobs. And, Mika, the question you asked has a faulty premise. Where are the grand programs to infuse jobs into America? Excuse me, Bob, you said he had no urgency? We had to do the stimulus in two weeks and there was no urgency? The stimulus was supposed to fix all of this, Bob. The stimulus was supposed to fix all this, Mika, grand policies to create jobs. What grand federal policy created the jobs at NBC, Mika? What grand federal programs created the Nightly News at NBC? What grand federal programs created the network you work at, PMSNBC? What grand federal program built Rockefeller Center where you work? What grand federal program is gonna create jobs for people? We’re not doing that. We’re lining them up in Chicago and we’re passing out money! That’s a grand federal program. It’s called the stimulus. You see, Mika and Bob, it ain’t about creating jobs. Obama is shepherding this downturn. He thinks that the people getting shafted deserve to be shafted because they’ve unfairly benefited from an unjust and immoral capitalist society since the country was founded. What you people are going to have to understand is this is all happening by design.


RUSH: Dave in Visalia, California. Let’s go back to the phones. Nice to have you with us today, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good morning, Rush!

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: First of all, thank you for all you’ve done for our country. We really appreciate that.

RUSH: I’ve barely scratched the surface, but thank you.

CALLER: Ha-ha-ha! I’m glad to hear that. My comment was: Obama absolutely has no concern about what goes on in Afghanistan or our troops. It’s nothing more than an inconvenience to his real policy, which is government health care. There will be no avowed action on Afghanistan until the health care is passed. What is going on now in Afghanistan and in Washington is nothing but a delaying action. It’s not indecision. Of all the things he is, he’s never been indecisive. His problem is the new value-minded Democrats seem to be more aligned to the old values of our country. They’re the ones blocking the government takeover of our country. They’re the ones that still care about winning and losing wars.

RUSH: Name one! Wait, what value-minded Democrat? You’re talking capital D-Democrat? Name one.

CALLER: No. (chuckles) The value-minded are the Blue Dog Democrats —


CALLER: — that are blocking his agenda.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: The newly elected Democrats seem to have a soul, and I’m not running down the Republicans. They’ve got a lot of problems.

RUSH: Well, the Republicans are irrelevant because they have no votes that matter. A Blue Dog Democrat is still a Democrat at the end of the day.

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