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RUSH: I have not commented on this on this program, even though the news has been out there since Monday. I had to confirm it when I was asked about it. It was reported Sunday on the CBS NFL Pregame Show by Charley Casserly that I am part of a group with Dave Checketts that has put in a bid on the St. Louis Rams, and that’s all I can say. That’s true. But Goldman Sachs is handling the sale. There’s a confidentiality clause. None of the bidders can disclose anything, can’t talk to anybody. We don’t even know who the other team bidders are and we can’t do anything other than confirm it since it’s a leak. I can’t discuss it. So it’s out there and that is true. Now, they’re talking about this all over the media. Let’s go to ESPN, Pardon the Interruption with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Kornheiser asked Wilbon, ‘Do you think the NFL would approve Rush Limbaugh as a team owner.’

WILBON: In a half second, Tony. Yeah! Money! It’s about money and how much do you have to spend or buy this team or be in the group that could buy this team. I don’t know that Rush Limbaugh’s politics — in fact, I’m betting aren’t that much different than many — the politics of many of the owners in the NFL. Now, they don’t have his bombast. They don’t publicly offend as many people as Rush Limbaugh does with glee. But when it comes to the buying a team? I don’t see where there’s anything that Rush Limbaugh has done is gonna make that off limits.

RUSH: Kornheiser next….

KORNHEISER: He’s not going to disqualify himself in that regard. He’s going to sit in a room and if they ask him particularly about the Donovan McNabb incident he’s going to say, ‘I’m an entertainer. Ahhh, If I erred, I erred on the wrong side of the entertainment.’


KORNHEISER: ‘But I don’t really mean that. In fact, I’ll hire Donovan McNabb to be my quarterback, if you’ll let me own the Rams.’ He’ll sit in a room comfortably with many if not most of those owners and you’re right, he’s got bucks.

RUSH: Finally, this exchange between the two of them…

WILBON: Can you see Rush Limbaugh after the game (bell) hugging some sweaty brothers with tape all over ’em and eye black in the living room?

KORNHEISER: In a heartbeat!

WILBON: Can you see that?

KORNHEISER: In a heartbeat.

WILBON: Me too.

KORNHEISER: He would do that.

WILBON: Of course he would.

KORNHEISER: He’s a sports guy.

RUSH: It’s kind of shocking the reaction here was enthusiastically supportive. (laughing) (interruption) I’m not… Snerdley, I can’t answer these questions now. I cannot answer. He just asked me, ‘Are you going to hire McNabb?’ I can’t answer! Look, this is so far ahead of things. I can’t answer this. Don’t even ask me anything more about it. It shouldn’t be out there now. Somebody leaked it. There are only two places it could’ve come from, but it is what it is. Then they have another show called Around the Horn, and the host there, Tony Reali was speaking to Woody Paige of the Denver Post. And Reali said, ‘The Rams up for sale, Limbaugh interested. Think he’d make a good owner, Woody Paige?’

PAIGE: Yes, I do! You’ve heard of the wildcat offense.

REALI: (chuckling)

PAIGE: You’ve heard of the wing-T. How about the right-wing-T, and how about that defensive team? We’ve heard about them passing in the past, greatest show on turf. I want an ultraconservative defense out of St. Louis.

RUSH: So I just… Look, as you know, ladies and gentlemen, I really am reluctant to talk about myself. I try never, ever to do that but this is out there, and I couldn’t act like it’s not. So there. I’ve done that. I got that out of the way. I can’t say any more about it.

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