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RUSH: These are dark days for our nation, ladies and gentlemen. What a stack today. Obama’s America! It’s getting difficult to chronicle it all. It’s tough enough learning about it all during show prep, and then it’s even more difficult talking to you about it, but talking about it I must and so here we go. Great to have you with us, the EIB Network and Rush Limbaugh be here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Well, they’re just going nuts out there over CBO score of the Senate health… It’s not a ‘bill’ yet. It’s draft. It’s bogus! The whole thing is bogus! It’s nuts. So taxing private insurers even more, taxing certain health care policies, taxing medical devices, slashing Medicare, and still millions of people be uninsured, that’s the Senate Democrat plan. Right on, baby! Right on, right on, right on. Now, the taxes… Get this. This is a Senate bill. The taxes and the cuts, the tax increases and the Medicare cuts kick in immediately but the plan itself doesn’t kick in until 2013. They do this for two reasons. It makes the ten-year projection look better than it would be had the program kicked in when the tax increases and the Medicare cuts kick in, and the people (laughing) are not going to realizes how awful the program is until after Obama’s hopefully reelected in his mind in 2012.

‘Cause there going to be a revolt. There’s going to be a revolt once this hits, and so they’re going to delay the actual implementation of the health care plan ’til 2013, but the tax increases and Medicare cuts happen immediately. And this isn’t even the worst of it. The liberals want more. They want a faster government takeover. They want higher taxes. They want coverage for illegal aliens. Folks, if this is not fascism, then what the hell is it? This sure as hell is not democracy. You know, I said this once before and they went nuts out there in the Drive-By Media, the State-Controlled Media and their websites. In many ways this is a bloodless coup. In many ways, this is a nonmilitary coup. That is, there is no constitutional authority for the exercise of this kind of power over personal health decisions and private property. You have a single Congress trying to ram through permanent changes to our country by hook and by crook before the public understands the magnitude. And, of course, not a word from the liberal media, the State-Controlled Media. Instead they cheer all of it. These are dark days for our nation. Now, we have here this… I think this is Politico: Baucus Scores Big with CBO.’ The Drive-Bys are orgasmic over the CBO report. Listen to this montage we put together.

MAGGIE RODRIGUEZ: Democratic leaders are cheering a report that shows that the Senate Finance Committee’s health care bill actually saves money.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: The budget deficit would actually be reduced by $81 billion if the plan were enacted.

DANA BASH: This is not only paid for but it actually, according to the Congressional Budget Office, this proposal reduces the deficit.

DYLAN RATIGAN: A favorable review from the congressional budget office.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The Democrats got good news on health care. The Congressional Budget Office said, in effect, the Senate’s Finance Committee bill is fully paid for.

STEPHANOPOULOS: This news from the Congressional Budget Office is the biggest boost the White House has had in weeks.

RUSH: Folks, I cannot emphasize enough how totally fraudulent this is. There is no legislative language. The CBO scored nothing! It is a mirage. It’s a score of a draft of a bill. There is no legislation. They scored nothing, And it’s not even an official score. They’re even admitting that it’s an estimate! It’s an estimate of a draft. Somebody got to the CBO on this after the boondoggle that they reported on the House side. Don’t forget the CBO guy was brought up to the White House not long ago where he got his mind right with President Obama. the Democrats, as usual, cannot be honest about a single thing. They are trying to pull a fast one. The score of this bill is a sham. There is no legislative language. they just pulled it out of thin air — and, of course, the media went right along with them hook and sinker. They are trying to con us.

They’re in the midst of running a giant con game. They’re not going to reduce the deficit. It’s not ‘paid for.’ It’s going to cost more. What government program ever pays for itself? What government program ever has? What government program ever comes in less than the projected cost? What government program has actually worked? I mean, these guys ought to be laughed out of town simply by the knowledge that the American people over a collective number of years have. (interruption) What are they playing now? On what? They’re playing video of me on PMSNBC refusing to get a flu shot. And notice… Notice… (interruption) Yes, I see. Yes. Notice that they’re using video of 85 pounds ago. I don’t know why. (interruption) Sure they’re probably celebrating I’m not going to take a flu shot, that’s right.

I think they are worried about my health but why in the world cover me? I thought I was irrelevant. I thought I had no influence with anybody anymore. I know 40% of the parents don’t want it for their kids and so forth. At any rate, The Politico has like four pages here of orgasmic reporting on the CBO score of a nonexistent piece of legislation. My friends, the Finance Committee hasn’t even voted this out yet. They’re going to do that on Tuesday. They can’t score it. There’s nothing to score! It’s a draft. And, by the way, last night Boehner was on Fox. He was on Greta’s show and he was mad. He said that there are 75 phantom amendments added to the Baucus health care bill by Democrat leaders without the knowledge of the Republican members of the committee. This was after the draft was voted on and passed.

They added 75 amendments, didn’t tell the Republicans. This certainly isn’t democracy. I don’t know what this is. It’s gotta be fascism. This is Republicans left out of this. Boehner was fit to be tied last night. Seventy-five amendments after the draft was voted out of the committee. The Republicans were not even told about it. And, you know, Boehner trying to call attention to this. And to add to the mix (deep sigh) Bob Dole has joined with Puff Daschle here to say we gotta get this done and we are going to get this done. ‘Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole says ‘there will be a signing ceremony’ for a health care reform bill either late this year or early next.’ I am convinced Dole has no clue what’s going on. I don’t think Dole has the slightest idea.

He’s just from this bit, the generation, ‘We gotta get a bill! Somebody proposed a bill. We gotta get a bill! Gotta pass it.’

What’s in the bill?’

‘Doesn’t matter. We’re here to pass bills. We pass bills. We write bills. We sign bills. We don’t read ’em, but we sign ’em and we vote on ’em. We gotta get a bill.’

‘What’s in the bill?’

‘I don’t know. All I know is Congress is doing it, so it must be good.’

I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, by the way, holding that view. ‘Dole, 86, spoke with reporters after an hour-long speech at a health care reform summit sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. He told the group that he and former Sens. Tom Daschle, Howard Baker, and George Mitchell…’ Now, let’s see here. Daschle is a disgraced Democrat, tax cheat, voted out of office by his own people. Howard Baker, Republican, moderate, middle-of-the-roader. George Mitchell, the most partisan Democrat in Washington when he was the Senate majority leader. They’re going to ‘issue a statement later today urging Congress to enact health care reform as soon as possible.’

This is from the statement. ”…Congress could be close to passing comprehensive health reform. The American people have waited decades and if this moment passes us by, it may be decades more before there is another opportunity. The current approaches suggested by the Congress are far from perfect, but they do provide some basis on which Congress can move forward and we urge the joint leadership to get together for America’s sake.’ And he repeatedly blamed ‘partisanship’ for the failure to produce a bill so far.’ The Dem… Senator Dole? Senator Dole? Partisanship? The Republicans can’t stop it, Senator! This is what’s so maddening. What are you doing, Senator Dole? The Republicans can’t stop this. Partisanship? Over in the House side — and I’ve got the story somewhere here in the stack –150 Democrats still have ‘jitters’ about the House version of this thing. Republicans can’t stop anything! Partisanship?

‘Dole repeated his opposition to a public option for health insurance, which he said…’ (laughing) He’s out there urging passage of the public option while he repeats his opposition to it? ‘…he said would drive private companies out of business.’ (interruption) Do what? This is not possible to make sense of this without saying something that I really don’t want to say here about Senator Dole. I leave it to Democrats to make fun of people for their issues, like Corzine is running ads in the governor race there in New Jersey making fun of his opponent’s weight. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We’ve got the relevant audio from — that ad. ‘Dole repeated his opposition to a public option for health insurance, which he said would drive private companies out of business. And he said he’s also worried about paying for the cost of health care reform, which is estimated at $800 billion to $1 trillion over ten years.’ Then how can you say that and then join with these Democrats and urge that we ‘get a bill’? Folks, this is tough enough to read this. It is doubly tough to tell you about it and then restrain myself and then remain civil.

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