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“Liberals are hilarious and fun when they’re out of power. When they’re in power, they’re dangerous, and never more so than now.”

“With Democrats, you die before you’re born; you don’t even get a chance at health care if the Democrats are in charge! Remember life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Life? Democrats? No way!”

“I thought maybe ol’ Alan Grayson had played football, because, you know, the New York Times had a storyonhowold NFL players are suffering from dementia, but he’s too much of a liberal to ever have competed in anything.”

“You know, I say things that are the truth; they are simple, inarguable truths, and yet people think that I am using shock techniques. That’s an illustration of just how far gone we are, when the truth becomes a shock.”

“Can I ask a question? I was looking at television ratings last night, and I saw that MSNBC has fallen into third place. Do you realize how hard that is to do?”

“Men and women who have volunteered to defend and protect this country are getting killed in Afghanistan, and Michelle Obama wants to tell us that people tell her they’re aware of the ‘sacrifice’ she’s making? Arrogance? Yeah. Hubris? Yeah. Class? No. Awareness? No. Sensitivity? Zero.”

“People often say to me, ‘Boy, Rush, you’ve got guts.’ No, I don’t have guts. It’s just that everybody else is scared to say things.”

“The headline today: ‘Obama to Take Weeks to Study Afghan Strategy’. Now, if we had real journalists and real news editors, you know what the headline would be? ‘Obama Tells Afghanistan to Shove it Until After Obamacare Passes’.”

“Frankly, ladies and gentlemen, I, as a conservative, as a man, as a Republican, as a citizen, and as your host,have had it with race-baiters — and I rarely have my fill of anything, but I have had my fill of this race crap.”

“Keep going, Snerdley. He’s goading me in here, folks: ‘Hey, your Steelers have the same record as the Detroit Lions.’ Yeah, yeah. We’ll see.”

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