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Rush’s Morning Update: Mr. Deeds
October 12, 2009

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Say, folks,a race to watch next month in the off-year electionsis for governor of Virginia. Republican Robert McDonnell is leading Democrat R. Creigh Deeds by nine points –and that’s after Democrats deployed their usual smear tacticsportraying McDonnell as an anti-female caveman. Democrats are worried about what this portends for 2010.

Now, the state-controlled Washington Post analyzed polling data, and they found four “critical shifts” among the voters who propelled Obama into the White House:

•First: only half the Obama voters say they’re certain to vote,compared with two-thirds of McCain voters.

•Second: there’s a notable “lack of energy in the African American community.” When Obama won, they represented 20% of the vote. Next month, they’re expected to represent only 12%.

•Third: younger voters’ stats are even worse. Last time out, they were 21% of the vote. Next month, they’re expected to comprise only 8%.

•Fourth: the so-called intensity gap between Democrats and Republicans has completely flipped. Last November, it was Democrats were chomping at the bit to vote for Obama; McCain voters were sort ofholding their noses. But nowRepublicans can’t wait to get to the polls!

Things have gotten so bad that Deeds went out of his way this week to distance himself from Obama, whichticked off Democrat leaders(and it won’t help Deeds). The Democrat agenda is so radical, and so wrong for America,there’s no running away from it…as Mr. Deeds and Democrats will soon learnthe hard way — and we will be gleeful (again, when it happens)!

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