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RUSH: Snerdley hasn’t said anything to me, but he’s looking at me since the show began, ‘Why aren’t you talking about the Today Show? When you did the CPAC speech, you didn’t talk about that.’ Folks, I’m going to explain it to you. I have a sound bite roster today that is 95% me. You know how uncomfortable I am talking about myself on this program. The sound bite roster is 95% me. I refuse to be distracted by all of this stuff. I’ll get to the Today Show bites, but if you want to watch it — you really should watch it — it’s at RushLimbaugh.com in its entirety and there’s a transcript up there. But just to give you a flavor of some of the stuff that is out there today, here’s this. This was from earlier this morning, sometime this morning, from PMSNBC.

REPORTER: We’re just learning the Reverend Al Sharpton wants to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about Rush Limbaugh. Sharpton says he should not be allowed to buy a football team.

RUSH: Now, this saddens me as well this disappoints me. I know Reverend Sharpton. Sharpton is better than this. He knows better than this. You know, I didn’t judge Al Sharpton’s fitness to be in radio when he wanted to earn an honest living for once, given his well-documented past as the author of the Tawana Brawley hoax. I believe in freedom, second chance, and I also don’t discriminate. So Reverend Sharpton is trying to get a meeting with the NFL commissioner. The formula is amazing. The AP sends me, ‘Do you have any reply to this?’ and I just ignore it because the formula for ‘making’ news — not reporting it, but the formula for making news — has not changed in 21 years. So there.

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