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RUSH: By the way, I got a note here from a friend who sent me an excerpt from a column by Terry Jeffrey, the editor-in-chief, Cybercast News Service. His latest column explains how the Senate health care bill will send people to the DMV for their health insurance. We have been joking about this. We make jokes about these people and they come true. The public option is only one lane on the road to socialized medicine. The most revelatory passage in the so-called plain English version of the health care bill that the Senate committee approved yesterday — and again, I want to remind you they have not even drafted the actual legislative language. They’re still working on a draft. They voted on nothing. They passed nothing, which clears them now to write something in secret that nobody’s ever going to see, and nobody’s ever going to read. But in this plain English version draft, it says that ‘in the future Americans will be offered the convenience of getting their health insurance at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

‘This is no joke. If this bill becomes law, it will be the duty of the US secretary of health and human services or the state governments overseeing federally mandated health-insurance exchanges to ensure that you can get your health insurance at the DMV. … Page 19 of the committee’s ‘plain English’ text says: ‘The Secretary and/or states would do the following: … Enable customers to enroll in health care plans in local hospitals, schools, Departments of Motor Vehicles, local Social Security offices, and other offices designated by the state.” And yet we’re still being told there’s no public option here. Already they’re setting it up so that one of the places you will have to go for your mandated insurance will be the DMV. ‘The public option is only one lane on the road to socialized medicine. Government subsidies and government regulations are two others — and they run like a super highway through the Finance Committee bill.’ Under that bill, ‘it will be far cheaper for a business to pay the government $400 per worker than to pay a private insurance company thousands per worker for an insurance plan. The Finance Committee has created an irresistible incentive for American businesses to drop their workers off at the DMV.’

I was driving home yesterday and I have satellite radio in the car, and I decided to dial in the Fox News Channel. I was listening to Shepard Smith interviewing Michael Steele, the head of the Republican National Committee, and Steele was talking about the health bill and Steele was going through the talking points, it’s going to raise taxes, it’s going to reduce fees and services, the dryball talking points, and Shep Smith said, (paraphrasing) ‘I think you misunderstand, the public option is simply an option. It’s a way to add competition to the market, it is a way to reduce costs and make all this more –‘ and Steele did not know what to say. I’m not ripping Steele. I’m sitting there driving. I imagine this happens to you all the time when you’re watching TV. I don’t watch these shows much anymore. I happened by quirk of fate dial it in yesterday. I’m saying, ‘No, Michael, what you tell him here is this: The public option exists to destroy private insurance and to destroy competition because it’s going to force people and businesses to off-load their employer provided health care benefits and force people to go to the government to get it.’

That’s the whole point of it. That’s why it is there, and that’s why this bill makes the public option insurance dirt cheap to begin with. If you run a business and it costs you say $8,000 per employee to give them health care benefits, and all of a sudden Big Brother government comes along and says, ‘I’ll do it, I’m in the game, and we’re going to insure your employees at $400 bucks a head instead of $8,000,’ what are you going to do? You off-load them. And this is all being done in the name of competition. This stifles competition. I’m driving along, I’m listening to this and I’m saying, ‘Good Lord, the answer to this is simple.’ Some people think the sales technique for our side is just to recite a litany of, ‘It’s going to raise taxes, it’s going to do this, going to do that,’ that’s not the way to address this. There’s a great piece, Investors.com, by one of my favorite economic writers, Robert J. Samuelson. I gotta take a break here but let me give you the headline: ‘Health Spending Condemns Youth to the Future of Downward Mobility.’ And keep in mind, this is by design. This is on purpose.


RUSH: By the way, the plan here, the plan to have us all go to the DMV to get our mandated health insurance from the federal health exchange? From a Democrat point of view, it’s actually pretty brilliant because you can also register to vote at the same DMV or you can change your registration at the DMV. So you can go in for your federally mandated insurance and change your registration to Democrat and get the best coverage. You go in and register for health and they’ll find out what political party you’re a member of. You think it might affect the way you’re going to be treated at the DMV?

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