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RUSH: Now, I want to put something in perspective for you here, folks, as we move back to health care. I have been laughing myself silly today because the cable news networks have been running a Chyron graphic at the bottom of the screen all day: ‘Waiting for Meeting Between White House and Senate Leaders.’ They’re still waiting, by the way. The meeting was supposed to happen this morning. I don’t know when it was supposed to happen but they’re still waiting for it. This is one of the big problems in news. Who cares? Well, actually that’s not true. We do need to care and that’s my point. It’s not earth-shattering the meeting. What’s going to happen is the meeting is what’s important. I want to put this in perspective for you. The meeting will take place between Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid, Christopher Dodd and Max Baucus. Those are the three Senate leaders.

I might note, by the way, that they are all white men. Just like for the record. Now, on the table is the discussion of health care and the bill that will come out of the Senate after this Baucus abomination gets merged with whatever else is in there, and they come out with their final version and send it over to the House. So here we have Harry Reid, who has had his own problems with reputed corruption — as reported not by me but by the Los Angeles Times — in slimy real estate swindles. There was a multiple article series on it in the LA Times. Harry Reid, the author of the attempt to smear me when I called a phony soldier a phony soldier. Harry Reid who said of Clarence Thomas, ‘I don’t think he’s very bright. I’ve read some of his opinions. I don’t think he’s very bright.’

Chris Dodd, participant in waitress sandwiches with the late Senator Kennedy, sweetheart recipient of sweetheart mortgage rates from Countrywide as an official ‘friend of Angelo,’ the former CEO, Angelo Mozilo. Christopher Dodd, a participant is not an architect with Barney Frank in the House of the subprime mortgage mess that is a large factor in the economic plunge today. And Max Baucus of Montana, who never met a tax increase he didn’t like. These three white guys. These three questionable-character people, author of much of the destruction in the US economy and throughout our culture with their various pieces of legislation. These three people — are meeting with the estimable Rahm Emanuel to decide how 300 million Americans will get medical care and how they will get health insurance.

Three people are meeting today, and the media is breathless in anticipation of this meeting. ‘Oh, it’s exciting! There might be some big news that comes out of this.’ There will be some big news. The big news accurately reported would be: The further attack and destruction on the American private sector, the American economy. It’s the blatant pilfering of one-sixth of the US private sector, the US economy, and putting it in the hands of Barack Obama — he with a five-and-a-half minute career and a bogus Nobel Peace Prize. Harry Reid, Max Baucus, Christopher Dodd, are going to decide how 300 million Americans deal with their medical challenges and problems. Those four people and Emanuel. Make it five. Those four people. Emanuel is in there as the enforcer if anybody goes wayward and off track. I don’t know what you call this, but this is not democracy, and it is not republican with a small R. Call it what you want, but ask yourself if you want those three people, those three senators deciding how health care happens and is paid for and who gets it in this country. And let’s not forget the sound bite from our old buddy Robert B. Reich. Let me find the number of that for you, Mike, so that we can get that back on ’cause my cue sheet is all shuffled. Number 24. Here’s Robert Reich in 2007 at the University of California at Berkeley.

REICH: We are going to have to… If you’re very old, we’re not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It’s too expensive. So we’re going to let you die.

RUSH: The people that are meeting with Rahm Emanuel today are the ‘we’ he was talking about. It’s a dark day. These are dark days for our nation. But, folks, do not be depressed. Be enraged and vigilant and ready for action. I started this program 21 years ago and this is the kind of stuff that when you’re dealing with liberals — in power, out of power — is where they’ve been headed. And now they have succeeded largely because we have a corrupt media which refuses to tell the truth about anybody. They lie about conservatives and they cover and promote Democrats, liberals, and their programs. The American people, when informed, make the right decisions. Our country is a testament to that. But our country is not properly informed. That segment of it that exposes itself to the corrupt State-Controlled Media is not properly informed. Oh, they know things; they just don’t know that what they know is wrong.


RUSH: Did that meeting ever start, Snerdley? Did the meeting that the media was breathless awaiting start with Baucus and Reid and Emanuel ever start? Yep. (interruption) Okay. Oh, they did? Harry Reid and Baucus and what’s his name had a press conference. Oh, they had a press conference out there. Well, I just want you all to remember: Three guys, all who have questionable things in their past. Harry Reid: The LA Times says he’s a land swindler in a multiple-part series. Chris Dodd: ‘Friend of Angelo,’ favorable, below-market mortgage rates; architect with Barney Frank of the ‘subpoena’ prime mortgage prices. And Max Baucus. These three guys are in a conference today with Rahm Emanuel — maybe they already have. These three guys are determining the health care and decisions for 300 million Americans. These three guys, in a conference today with Rahm Emanuel, probably with Obama, too. Keep that in mind and keep it in perspective.

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