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RUSH: During the break I was watching television. I see President Obama has landed in New Orleans. Now, everybody thinks he’s going to New Orleans to show concern and to investigate the recovery efforts there from Hurricane Katrina. And I got a couple stories about this today. The LA Times: ‘Obama Set for First Visit to New Orleans as President,’ but the story is full of quotes from people saying, ‘He’s going to be here, what? Four hours? He’s going to do a town meeting and then split? Why, this is no different than a flyover!’ They’re not all that happy. But let me tell you what the purpose is: Obama is going in to inspect the destruction in New Orleans to see how the rest of the country is going to look after he finishes implementing all of his agenda.

Because we are all headed for a Hurricane Katrina to wipe out portions of this country just as it has in Detroit without any levees breaking. Barack Obama is Hurricane Katrina without the wind and without the rain. In a matter related to my circumstances and situation in the National Football League, this headline from The Politico: ‘Democrats Launch Attack on Insurers — The long-simmering tension between insurers and congressional Democrats is erupting into open warfare, with lawmakers stepping up their push to revoke a key federal protection for the insurance industry. Sen. Chuck [U] Schumer (D-NY) on Wednesday called for an amendment to the health care reform bill that would remove the long-standing antitrust exemption for insurers, echoing a push by other Democrats to crack down on the industry.’

Democrats are salivating at the prospect of conquering another large swath of the private sector. The last time the Democrats tried to ram through a health care takeover their big villain was the pharmaceutical industry — and Hillary Clinton said, ‘We need demons, and I got one: The pharmaceutical industry.’ Now Democrats are ratcheting up a smear campaign against the insurance industry.

In July, Nancy Pelosi labeled insurance companies ‘villains,’ calling them ‘almost immoral.’ This week, Senator Jay Rockefeller called Big Insurance ‘the greatest impediment to real health care reform.’ Staffers of Senator Baucus told insurance lobbyists that criticism of his bill would be interpreted as a hostile act. To punish the insurance industry for their report warning premiums will rise under Democrat legislation, Chuck Schumer is threatening to revoke their antitrust exemption. Insurance companies are the latest in a long line of public enemies number one of the Democrat Party. Another of their public enemies, you’ll remember: Those evil doctors!

Obama himself claimed that they performed unnecessary amputations and tonsillectomies simply to line their pockets. Remember, Obama and the Democrats also railed against Wall Street executives (who they’re now paying off with bailout money that’s our tax money) and then they took over the industry. They lambasted the ‘villains’ who funded student loans before they took over that business. They also tore into the evil auto executives who flew corporate jets to Washington for hearings before they took over the auto industry. Of course the Democrats never identify the biggest villain most responsible for escalating health care costs, and that’s them. Federal programs they passed decades ago distort the marketplace and are rampant with fraud — and up next, the National Football League. The Democrat Party and Obama’s America. It’s right in front of you.


RUSH: Dark days, dark days. ‘America’s largest business group –‘ this is just shocking. If this doesn’t tell you where we are, nothing will. The United States Chamber of Commerce is spending $25 million on something that in years past would have been considered completely unnecessary. The US Chamber of Commerce is launching an advertising campaign to extol the virtues of free market enterprise. The US Chamber of Commerce feels the need to spend $25 million to tell the American people what capitalism is. Explaining the goals of the campaign, the chamber president, Thomas Donohue, said, ‘America needs 20 million new jobs to reemploy the unemployed and keep pace with our population growth. The government can support a few jobs in the short run, but over the long run, only the private sector, powered by free enterprise, can keep America working.’ The US Chamber of Commerce is having to spend $25 million, what in the hell do we have a public school system for? ‘When Donohue said the campaign isn’t intended to be a partisan –‘ partisan?

Capitalism is now partisan! Capitalism, free market capitalism in America, they accuse him of being partisan. State-controlled journalists were skeptical when Donohue said this isn’t a partisan campaign. ‘After all,’ reported the AP, ‘the chamber’s campaign appears to challenge some of President Barack Obama’s job-creation rhetoric and initiatives.’ Well, isn’t that interesting? And isn’t it interesting that Rush Limbaugh, potential owner in the National Football League, also questions Obama’s policies and his agenda? And isn’t it interesting that one of his henchmen now runs the players union, and isn’t it interesting that a former player, who’s now a writer for the Washington Post, Roman Oben admits in an interview, yeah, yeah, Limbaugh disagrees with Clinton, he disagrees with Obama, and this is what happens to you. We have that sound bite, too, a former player. You disagree with Obama and say the things that Limbaugh says and this is what happens.

So the US Chamber of Commerce president says — they had a press conference to announce this — $25 million ad campaign to teach people about free market capitalism and the AP is skeptical that it’s not partisan, as he says. After all, the chamber’s campaign appears to challenge some of Obama’s job creation rhetoric and initiatives. Well, hell’s bells, Obama himself is now going to take drastic steps to do anything to create jobs. Do people even listen to what this guy says? Nope. They listen to how he says it. As prime examples, AP cited Obama’s proposals to create a new financial consumer protection agency and the Democrats cap and tax energy plans. Mr. Donohue correctly responded, ‘Those plans will weigh down America’s once vibrant capital markets with excessive regulations, and to raise taxes on our most productive citizens.’

AP remains skeptical because this contradicts Obama’s job creation rhetoric and initiatives. Not even AP can say ‘Obama’s job creation’ ’cause there isn’t any. Now, a few short years ago, my friends, it would have been unthinkable that the Chamber of Commerce would need to spend $25 million defending the idea that jobs are best created in the private sector, let alone defending free enterprise, a cornerstone of our greatness. And here we are, Obama’s America. Ten short months into Obama’s rule, ten short months into the Democrat Party with an iron fist aimed at this country, in just ten months we are fighting to keep America and the American dream alive. These are dark days.

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