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Rush’s Morning Update: Dark Days
October 16, 2009

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Get this, folks. America’s largest business group,the US Chamber of Commerce,is spending $25 million on something that in years past would have been considered completely unnecessary: they’re launching an advertising campaign to extol the virtues of — wait for it — free market enterprise.

Explaining the goals of the campaign, the Chamber president, Thomas Donohue, says that America needs 20 million new jobs to “re-employ the unemployed,” and keep pace with our population growth. “The government can support a few jobs in the short run,” he told reporters, “but over the long run, only the private sector– powered by free enterprise– can keep America working.”

Now, when Donohue said the campaign isn’t intended to be a partisan, state-controlled journalists were skeptical. AP reported that the Chamber’s campaign “appears to challenge some of President Obama’s job-creation rhetoric and initiatives.” And they citedexamples:Obama’s proposals to create a new financial consumer protection agency, and Democrats’ “cap-and-tax” energy plans. Mr. Donohue correctly responded that those plans will “weigh down America’s once vibrant capital markets with excessive regulations,” and “raise taxes on our most productive citizens.”

A few short years ago, it would have been unthinkable that the Chamber of Commerce would need to spend $25 million defending the idea that jobs are best created in the private sector –let alone defending “free enterprise”as a cornerstone of our greatness. Yet here we are,ten months into Democrat Party rule,fighting to keep America –and the American dream –alive.Folks, these are dark days.Verydark days.

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