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RUSH: Folks, look. You and I now know and we’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, they don’t listen — except yesterday in a lone occasion. The Drive-Bys did listen to the first 15 minutes yesterday. You know how I know that? Because they reported what I said accurately. From the New York Times to the Associated Press, to any number of places, they reported it accurately. (interruption) Well, no, they were not shamed into listening. It was a strategic move on my part, H.R. They were all… You should see my iPhone e-mail from Thursday afternoon all through Friday morning. I had hundreds of requests — and by the way, I had a couple people I know in media who did not ask me to appear on their show. They just said, ‘is there anything I can do?’

And it was nice to feel not to be a news commodity. Nevertheless, I refused all those requests. They had nowhere to go other than this program to find out what my reaction to it was. It turned out this whole thing leaking on Thursday afternoon was a good thing because it allowed me to go for over 12 hours, almost 24 without saying a word and so they had to go here. The only place they could, which was this program but we know they’re gone now. They got what they wanted. They don’t listen. You and I know that, right, folks? So here. I want to let you in on a little scheme, a little plan that I have based on what we know. My trick here, my plan is based on the possibility that I might be able to trick the media into dumping Obama.

You heard me right. I have been working on this scheme for weeks: ‘How can I trick the media into dumping Obama?’ As you well know, I can play the media like a Stradivarius, and it’s all based on one simple reality. The arrogant SOBs refuse to listen to this program — and even when they do, when a sense of humor is involved they don’t get it. They’re all wound too tight. They’re wringing their hands out there just waiting for anything that’s offensive, either to them or somebody else, and they’re just waiting to harp on it. Or, it’s gotten to the point now — another reason, H.R., I didn’t call ’em back and talk to them is: Why should I? They’re going to make it up anyway. So why should I waste my time talking to them? So they had to listen.

So here’s just the first rough draft, if you will, of my scheme that I offer here publicly to the world knowing full well that the targets of my scheme will be totally ignorant of it when I spring the scheme on them because I know they will not have listened to it. It would be… Folks, it would require a lot of patience on your part. It would require a stiff backbone on your part to play along with me in this scheme to trick the media into dumping Obama. It would be a nasty, gut-wrenching job. But based upon multiple scientific studies noted in Wikipedia, think of this: If I were to endorse Obama’s policies, with the appropriate, ‘You know, I’ve really looked at this and I was so obsessed with my own prejudice and ideological bias, I really wasn’t honestly looking at Obama’s policies. I’ve done so now, and I really gotta count myself in his camp.’

Now, hang on! Hang on! Don’t panic out there, folks.


RUSH: Okay. This is fun. This is the scheme, folks. Now, remember, you’d have to really be up to speed on this. You’d have to have a lot of courage to understand what’s going on here. But the scheme is to trick the media into dumping Obama. See, the fact is the State-Controlled Media would rather see this country succeed and Obama fail than agree with me. It appears, what we have learned here, is that the last thing the media wants to do is agree with me. They just refuse to do it. Their hatred is such that they will go out and make up quotes or they will believe made-up quotes. So, for example, if I were to say (down the road when I initiate the actual scheme), you know, just a rough draft here, keeping you in the loop.

If I were to say, ‘You know what? I’ve been wrong. I’ve allowed my own ideological bias to inform me I don’t remember on the essence of Obama’s agenda, and I would like to change my original pronouncement on the agenda that I hope he fails. Having looked at it, I hope he pulls it off.’ If I were to say, ‘I agree with the president. Senior citizens, they’re too stupid to figure out that Obamacare will bankrupt the country, that Obamacare will destroy liberties, create massive new taxes on those making less than $200,000 and will require death panels happily run by Robert B. Reich.’ Can’t you see him in a little white lab coat? (laughing) Head of the Death Panels. (laughing) ‘And what’s more, I think when it comes to the Obamacare, the elderly are corrupt and greedy and they could be bought off with a one-time $250 payoff and newly printed money that we don’t have.’

To come out and say that I support this because Obama’s agenda is all that matters, oh! What do you think their reaction would be? The objective here of the scheme is to get the State-Controlled Media to declare Obamacare a disaster and to reject it out of hand simply because I support it. Research confirms this. They will not be able to help themselves. Think Pavlov’s dogs. Same with cap and tax. I’ll say, ‘Folks, we need a job-killing energy tax and we need it now because we have to save our planet. The more jobs we destroy the less carbon emissions we’ll have. The more misery we create, the less prosperity we will have and the less damage to the environment we have and then the easier it will be to demonize free market capitalism as the failure and turn the United States into a welfare state.

‘And that’s what we need to save the planet, and that’s what we need for Obama to succeed and survive. And Obama succeeding is the objective here. We must have Obama succeed!’ When these bigots in the State-Controlled Media hear this, what do you think their reaction would be? For good measure I could add, ‘President Obama wants to strengthen the military. He wants to stand up to anti-American despots. I’ve looked at Obama’s book, I’ve looked at the way he’s running the Military, and I’m seeing shades of Ronald Reagan here, folks. We have been wrong about Obama. I’m seeing shades of Reagan out there. I like what he’s doing. I like what I’m seeing.’ The studies indicate, folks, that this could end the Obama presidency. The media would say without hesitation, ‘We hope he fails because Limbaugh wants him to succeed!’

The War on Prosperity would be dead in the water. The State-Controlled Media would rather see this country succeed than agree with me. They’d rather see the country fail than agree with me. The research is solid. I’ve triple checked it; it’s peer reviewed. (laughing) This would be very, very hard for them. But the media would cave and stop carrying Obama’s holy water. By the way, Obama had a fundraiser in San Francisco after that four-hour fly-by in New Orleans, where people at the town meetings said, ‘Obama you’re nickeling and diming with us! Where’s the big check? You’re nickeling and diming us, where are the big checks?’ And then they had a staged question from a little kid, did you see that? ‘Mr. President! Mr. President! Why do they hate you so much?’

They did, Dawn, a little kid came up with… (interruption) You know, this balloon story, they can’t stop running this silly balloon story. Another example of Drive-By Media here, folks. Now they’re ripping on this family. They’re doing everything they can to destroy this family ’cause they happened to appear on Wife Swap and a little six-year-old kid on Larry King last night, ‘We did it for the show,’ and the mother said, ‘No, no, no,’ and the father said, ‘Noooo, he wasn’t talking about yesterday. He was talking about we did this for the Wife Swap show.’ Now, these people may be — pfft! — ‘out of the mainstream’ (laughing), but they are still targeted ’cause the media was made to look like a fool. They were reporting all day yesterday that the kid was in the balloon and the kid wasn’t in the balloon. He was hiding in a box.

So now they’re saying, ‘Hoax, hoax, hoax!’ We don’t know. What we have here regardless is, ‘Notice me, notice me, notice me!’ What we have here is a bunch of — for lack of a better word — people who want some attention. Which I think is a cultural problem that we face. So, anyway, folks, I’m not ready to initiate the scheme as of now. It’d have to be well thought out and brilliantly conceived in order to be flawlessly executed. But it is based on irrefutable research, irrefutable facts that if I am for it, the media will be against it. Maybe a little reverse psychology — and they, of course, are totally unaware that this is coming because they’re not listening to this. And when it gets reported on the websites they do look at to hear what happens on this program the websites will botch that, and the media will still be clueless when I hatch this brilliant plan.

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