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RUSH: We now turn to the Official Obama Criticizer of the EIB Network, Bo Snerdley.

SNERDLEY: This is Bo Snerdley, Official Barack Criticizer for the EIB Network, certified black enough to criticize with a blend of imported and domestic 100% fortified slave blood. I have a statement. Mr. Obama — well, actually, Mrs. Obama. Although your husband issued an edict prohibiting criticism of you during this campaign, I have to comment on your performance last night. It was evident, my dear, that you have been handled. We did not see the real Michelle, the one that could define or give context to all the things we’ve heard from you during the campaign. That image you would have us buy last night didn’t explain away how come, as an adult, you were only proud for the first time to be an American, or why this is a mean country. The ‘I love this country’ line, it was a little trite. It was a must-read, a must-say. And that line about Mrs. Clinton, we all know she tried to knife your husband in the back all during the campaign. Look, black women have a different perception of America. You could have explained why you think what you think, without hurting yourself or your husband. You could have cleared things up for everybody. But instead, you papered things over with a nondescript presentation that could have come from Martha Stewart’s America.

I could go on, but instead, how about a detailed analysis for EIB brothers and sisters in the ‘hood. Yo, Shell, let me give you your props first, yo. You was looking lace last night, yo, girl, you got it like that, no doubt. I almost could hope the brother could win so I could scope you out for the next four years, you know, but it ain’t that kind of party here. Check it out, Shelly. What was up with you last night, girl? The big lights all up on you and you come out frontin’ instead of breaking it down, yo? Ever since you broke about being proud for the first time, you’ve been taking heat. Last night was your chance, yo. You said America was mean, everybody went off on you. Last night you coulda explain it, okay, you could explain also why they hid you out for so long. You get all the face time; what do we get? Instead of you breaking it off to everybody, you coulda told ’em like, yo, listen, yeah sometimes I’m mad, check it out, if you came from where I came from you be mad, too, okay? Schools all messed up, brothers can’t get no jobs, yo. I got out, I got to Princeton, my honey, yo, he went to Harvard. We kind of broke but everybody else they ain’t living large, okay, yeah, I’m mad. You all be mad, too, if this was going on in your neighborhood, okay, criminals running all up and down the street, come on, yo, it ain’t like that up in white land where Hillary live, okay? But no, what did you do? Man, look, you coulda even said you know what? The hospitals, yo, they even like, you know, throwing old black people out on the streets — oh, wait I’m sorry, yo, you couldn’t go there, right? But, look, you are a strong black sister, yo, come from our culture, you were out there fronting like you Michelle Partridge, hee-hee, everything is cute, okay, come on, you coulda told them, for instance, Fourth of July, yo man, we ain’t down with that, June 15th is when we’re free, but that don’t mean we don’t love America, everybody is down with this, you know? Okay, look, Michelle, you Obama’s shorty, you got the slave blood, he don’t. You supposed to understand what it is, and you are supposed to break it down for us. What did you do? You were fronting, girl. Fake. Okay? But like I said, sister, you was looking laced and, you know, that counts for something. That concludes this statement.

RUSH: That is the Official Obama Criticizer of the EIB Network, Bo Snerdley.


RUSH: A number of questions I checked during the break here in the 24/7 e-mail in box. A lot of questions of Mr. Snerdley, and I know the answer. Sounds like your official criticism made it sound like the people in the hood didn’t buy the act last night, and will it hurt, you know, get some of the people in the hood thinking they’re selling out on us? It’s not going to happen in great numbers. Some people are going to think if it keeps up.

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