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RUSH: Here’s Don in Indianapolis, welcome to the program, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Rush, great to be on with you, love the show.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, have you heard any insight on the upcoming season of ’24’?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Please tell.

RUSH: Well, it’s not much. I know that a lot of it, particularly at the opening, centers in New York. And the Counterterrorist Unit is back, CTU is back. I don’t know of any new cast members or any of that. But I can tell you that the people on the series are very excited about it. And, you know, they’ve been shooting since I think July.

CALLER: I figured they had been. I figured that you would be in the know.

RUSH: Well, I of course am. And if I wanted to find out more I could. I have been busy.

CALLER: I understand.

RUSH: But I’m not going to destroy this by telling too much. I mean you gotta watch it.

CALLER: Oh, I’ll be watching it.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: You bet. Thanks for the call. That’s Don in Indianapolis. What was I going to say about this? The thing just slipped my mind. You know, this never happens. I’m one of the few people you’ll ever know say, ‘Gosh, what was I going to say?’ (interruption) What? What’s the question? Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Hm-hm. Oh, that’s what I was gonna say! Who was first Mitch Rapp or Jack Bauer? We have the publisher’s copy of Vince Flynn’s new book. Vince sent me my own autographed copy a couple weeks ago, and he said, ‘Rush, when you get to chapter 50, it’s time to stop and open a bottle of wine that you like, maybe some Lafite, and light up a cigar and read chapter 50.’ Well, it makes me want to go to chapter 50 and start.

Snerdley came in today dragging, eyes half open, I said, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ He said, ‘I made the mistake of starting Vince Flynn’s book last night.’ You finished it? You read the whole thing? Vince Flynn’s books are huge. The question is who came first, Mitch Rapp or Jack Bauer. And I believe Mitch Rapp did. We’re like at season eight of ’24’ with a year off in there. Vince has been a consultant on the show. That’s where I met Vince. When I went out for my first studio visit for ’24’ they had hired him for a consultancy to help with the advisory plots and how things play because of his incredible knowledge of the CIA. It’s incredible. Vince will be here in a couple weeks. I’ll bring him by to say hi. I got my annual fall fling golf trip coming up, and he’ll be here. He wants to meet you, Snerdley. He loves the Obama Criticizer stuff. Yeah, he does.

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