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RUSH: If you were here on Friday, you heard a rant by our Official Obama Criticizer, Bo Snerdley, aimed at various elements of the National Football League. We received, Snerdley, you may not know this… Snerdley is one of these guys that checks out for the weekend, you can’t get hold of him. He’s holed up doing whatever, but we had overwhelming response to this and so we have uploaded the audio to YouTube. I had a number of people who said, ‘This needs wide dissemination. We need it out there.’ We’ve also going to get it on Facebook. Yeah, yeah. It’s gonna get viral out there, Snerdley, as is the list of articles at RushLimbaugh.com that we started posting on Friday afternoon. So… (laughing) I just can’t wait ’til that Democrat crowd sees this or listens to it.

Yeah, if you want to see it on YouTube, folks, we put it on the free side at Wen web. If you go to www.RushLimbaugh.com, you’ll see the YouTube address where… (laughing) So the official Obama/NFL Criticizer: ‘Certified black enough to criticize with 100%…’ What is it you say? ‘Organic slave blood.’ That — affirms all credibility here on matters like this. So Mr. Snerdley has now made YouTube. It just happened. I just ordered this done right before the program started so I have not even looked at it. Let me click the link. Let me see what it is because I don’t know what picture, if any, Koko used. (clicks) Oh! Oh! Oh, good! You gotta look at this. It’s a great picture of you we post on the website with your badge, Official Obama Criticizer, October 16th, 2009, Rush Limbaugh Show. It’s got the NFL logo and the Rams logo. And it’s five minutes and 36 seconds.

If you didn’t hear it, if you didn’t hear Snerdley’s rant on Friday about all this NFL stuff, avail yourself of the opportunity now.

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