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RUSH: Okay, I will accede to this. I’m being bombarded, as I have been all morning. I’ve been bombarded with requests to play audio from The O’Reilly Factor on Friday night. It was hosted by Juan Williams and his guest was the Hutch, my good friend the Reverend Ken Hutcherson of Seattle and the Antioch Bible Church. We’re trying to move on here but the Hutch deserves to be heard here. He is a good friend. He was asked a question by Juan Williams: ‘If you’re a black man, you stand up and say something that’s not politically correct, you defend a Rush Limbaugh, you’re his friend, you see what they did to me, you must know what they’ll do to you.’

HUTCHERSON: This is extremely personal to me. You see, to you, Juan, this is a news story — a big news story — and to the young lady that’s from LA, you know, this is a news story. This is more than a news story. See, Rush and I are friends, close friends. And when you talk about being close friends, I don’t see Rush as a white man. He’s my friend. I don’t see him as a talk show host, a very famous talk show host. He’s a very close friend. That overrides my political views and everything. So this attack is about a friend of mine who is being lied upon.

RUSH: And then they had this exchange about what happens to you when you defend somebody like me.

WILLIAMS: We are made out to be less than faithful to all that’s happened to black people in America and honest in our criticism. We’re made out to be house slaves.

HUTCHERSON: What Warren Ballentine said to you was one of the most racist statements that you could get. The man just flat-out called you a house Negro and I don’t know if white America understands the derogatory statement that that was, and we should not be able to put up with that kind of rhetoric from the other side who call themselves tolerant. We are conservatives. I’m a Christian. I’m a pastor. I lead a very large church. And what they are doing to Rush isn’t about just Rush. This is about attacking conservative values in America and I’m not going to put up with it.

WILLIAMS: I find this so unbelievable, as someone who sees himself on the liberal side, that the minute that you disagree, you get put down.

RUSH: Juan Williams and Ken Hutcherson on The O’Reilly Factor Friday night on the Fox News Channel. My thanks to both of them.

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