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RUSH: All right, here’s installment two of the CNN stalker, Carol Costello. She’s the beat reporter assigned to me. A portion of her report on ‘Anger on the Air.’

STALKER: President Obama said this back in January: ‘You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.’ He was talking as if talk radio wields power over politicians. Well, does any talk show host have that kind of power? No one wields that political club more effectively than Rush Limbaugh. Influential, sure. But powerful? Some say even with Limbaugh’s vast audience…no! According to Talkers magazine, 56% of those who listen to talk radio identify themselves as ‘independent.’

GERGEN: Limbaugh endorsing a candidate for president is not sufficient to get that person nominated by the Republican Party.

STALKER: Case in point?

RUSH ARCHIVE: If Huckabee and McCain get the nomination, there’s a good chance this party is finished.

STALKER: But McCain did win the GOP nomination in 2008, and despite Limbaugh’s anti-Obama talk, Barack Obama became president.

RUSH: All right. So I’m not influential, I have no real power, I didn’t like McCain or Obama and they both won. So why has CNN assigned Carol Costello it stalk me? What are they so afraid of? And, you know, Carol, if you’d have watched the Today Show interview last Monday and Tuesday you would have seen me talk about this whole concept of ‘power’ that you have assigned to me. As I listen to this, I said, ‘If Huckabee and McCain get the nomination, a good chance the party is finished.’ It is finished! The party’s in deep trouble. Obama became president. Yeah, but there was nobody to vote for. Anyway, that’s the latest in their installment of ‘Anger on the Air’ with their stalker reporter Carol Costello.

RUSH: El Cajon, California, John you are on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey first-time caller, Rush. Hey, if you went away they’d be out of work, all these news organizations that have people going after you.

RUSH: It would be their worst nightmare.

CALLER: Yeah, I had a quick comment on —

RUSH: They’d lose. They’d lose half their own audiences talking about it. If I didn’t exist, they’d have to invent me.

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah, I was going to say as far as the stimulus goes I think it’s doing great because yesterday the White House says they created or ‘saved’ thousands of teaching jobs in our colleges and schools and I’m just wondering if Jennings was in charge of the hiring or how that all went about. They couldn’t say what kind of new jobs were creates or anything. It was just, you know, a dog-and-pony show.

RUSH: Look, the bottom line is that 30,000 jobs were ‘saved’ and we’ve lost seven million. Big whoop! By the way, CNN I want you to hear this. Charles Krauthammer. I want to thank Charles Krauthammer. This on Fox News last night he’s talking about CNN.

KRAUTHAMMER: CNN is an organization that a few weeks ago had a fact-checking on a Saturday Night Live skit that was mildly critical of Obama; but did no fact-checking on wildly, grotesquely, libelous racist statements allegedly made by Rush Limbaugh which were not made by Rush Limbaugh. It gives you an idea of the difference in how they treat things, and that’s not a matter of sloppiness. That’s a matter of ideology.

RUSH: Thank you, Charles, very much. That’s twice he’s commented on this. Last Friday night (I didn’t know this until recently) he said the NFL owes me an apology, which I think they do, but it’s a pipe dream. Carol Costello, you need to fact-check your own reports and you need to investigate your own network. I mean, you have a sewer there, and until you guys investigate yourselves, nothing is going to change.

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