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RUSH: Obama’s out there playing a daisy game. He’s having a meeting right now with Nouri al-Maliki, the prime minister of Iraq, and Obama’s leftists are not going to be happy with what they heard Obama say. He reiterated to al-Maliki our commitment to Iraq. Now, while this is going on, Obama is playing a daisy game with Afghanistan. More troops… You know, you pick there ‘He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me…’ You do it with a piece of clover or a daisy. You pick the petals off, sort of like eeny, meeny, miny, mo. ‘More troops; no more troops. More troops; no more troops,’ whatever it is. Don’t you find it curious? All of a sudden the election in Afghanistan is now in dispute, giving Obama a reason to vacillate on sending troops to Afghanistan, although he did call Hamid Karzai today and congratulate him on his victory.

Now, somebody correct me if I’m wrong on this, but wasn’t it James Carville that went over to Afghanistan and ran the campaign of Karzai’s opponent? So even with Carville involved in running the campaign of the opponent somehow we got a flawed result? But that’s just a smoke screen, and it’s irrelevant. Generals McChrystal and Petraeus are calling for troop reinforcements in Afghanistan. Commander-in-Chief Obama has been in conflict with Politician-in-Chief Obama. Commander-in-Chief Obama knows we need more troops. Politician-in-Chief Obama knows that MoveOn.org, Daily Kos, George Soros say no more troops. With almost three months of dithering, both Obamas have finally discovered an Afghanistan escape clause, but not for our troops, but for him.

The election was tainted. ‘Oh, yippee, the election was tainted!’ What everyone knew all along is now official, Rahm Emanuel sent out the trial balloon over the weekend. It went something like: No more troops until Afghanistan has a legitimate government, we get this stuff behind us, whatever. Whoever is or is not the titular head of Afghanistan tomorrow, our 60,000 troops need 40,000 reinforcements now. Our troops are waiting, our allies are waiting. If Obama says, ‘No mas,’ will NATO say, ‘More troops’? But can you imagine any commander-in-chief in our history deciding not to press on until the postwar leader was chosen? Meanwhile, our troops are waiting and our commander-in-chief is voting ‘present.’ He’s dithering. It might be good politics. It sure isn’t good leadership. But then again, some of us know that.

Oh, and this from the secretary of defense, Robert Gates. ‘The United States cannot wait for problems surrounding the legitimacy of the Afghan government to be resolved before making a decision on troops, US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said. Gates, speaking to reporters on board a plane traveling to Tokyo, described the situation in Afghanistan as an evolutionary process that would not improve dramatically overnight, regardless of what course is taken following the country’s flawed August election.’ August election! We are using an August election and dithering over the outcome of that, here it is the middle of October. ”I see this as a process, not something that’s going to happen all of the sudden,’ Gates said.’ So you have… John Bolton has a great column today, I forget where. It’s Real Clear Politics or somewhere. Obama’s foreign policy is diplomacy. But Bolton points out that diplomacy is not a ‘policy.’ It’s a technique; it’s a tactic. We don’t have a foreign policy. We do not have a foreign policy, except to the extent that it is defeat.


RUSH: President Obama this afternoon at the White House with the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

OBAMA: I had the opportunity to speak with President Karzai this morning and I wanted to congratulate him on accepting the certification of the recent election. I also want to commend Senator John Kerry, who was in the region, traveling, and ended up working extensively with Ambassador Eikenberry and was extraordinarily constructive and very helpful, so —

RUSH: Jeez.

OBAMA: — I think he deserves great congratulations, however this election turns out —

RUSH: What?

OBAMA: — to ensure that we can move the Afghan — that we can move Afghanistan towards peace and security and prosperity and that the will of the Afghan people is ultimately done.

RUSH: What the hell is he talking about? Why did he call Karzai and congratulate him on accepting the certification of the recent election and then go on to say however the election turns out we could all move — (interruption) the certification for a runoff? Well, okay, so Hamid Karzai is going to stand for reelection again. And while all this dithering goes on, ‘Well, we can’t send the troops in there, we can’t ramp up the troop levels because we don’t know who the new leader is going to be.’ John Kerry, the swift boat king in there, John Kerry happens to show up and settle this and do great work? I don’t know where Hillary is. I don’t care where Hillary is. I’m in such a foul mood today I couldn’t care less where Hillary Clinton is. It doesn’t bother me a whit. These people are sitting here systematically — these incompetent boobs and these competent fascists are destroying the United States of America, and people on our side think every day is just the next news story. ‘Wow, this is a great news story, wow, they’re going to get a lot of hits on this story. Oh, man, look, my website’s going to go gangbusters, oh, wow, what a great news story.’

Our country is being dismantled right before our very eyes. People on our side want to play like this is just politics as usual. Yeah, Democrats won the election, yeah, they had the right implement their policies. Have you looked at what the policies are? Have you looked at what the ultimate objective of the policies is? I don’t see any opposition to this in the Republican Party. I look at this and I just feel powerless to stop any of this.


RUSH: Here’s Mark in Salt Lake City. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Am I the only one bothered by what’s shaping up to be a betrayal of all these people in Pakistan and Afghanistan who sided with us and helped us to fight the Taliban when we asked them to? Is this how this administration is reaching out to the Muslim world by stabbing them in the back? Really, have we no shame? I think that’s probably why so many people in this part of the world don’t like us. They can’t trust us; they think we’ll cut-and-run. That’s probably one of the reasons the counterinsurgency worked in Iraq is because they started to figure out we were not going to cut-and-run. But I’m sure people in Pakistan and a lot of them in Afghanistan can see this coming.

RUSH: Obama — look —

CALLER: They can see this coming and this whole thing is going to start looking bad when they start thinking we are going to cut-and-run and it’s being telegraphed to them right now.

RUSH: Obama doesn’t care. Obama doesn’t care.

CALLER: It’s just shameful in terms — even more than with respect to just this administration, just as a nation how people look at us around the world and how we look at ourselves when we can’t be trusted and we ask these people —

RUSH: No, no, no. (chuckles) You’re looking at this the way we used to look at the world say ten, five, three years ago. You have to understand that we are led by a man who believes the world hates us, who believes the world has hated us since our founding. He believes Central America, Latin America, South American countries hate us; that European countries hate us; that the Muslims hate us — and that they’re all justified in hating us. He thinks by cut-and-running and pulling out we are showing the world we are no longer a threat and that we will be willing to admit our guilt for whatever he considers our transgressions of the past to be. Now, your point of view is America has always stood with those seeking their own freedom and liberty.

We have fought for them. We have stood up for them. We have stood by them. In the process, they have trusted that we would be there when the going got tough. Your point is one that’s very valid, I mean, don’t misunderstand, your point is very valid. The thing not being said here, if we cut-and-run out of Afghanistan, if we don’t send the additional troops the commanders say we need, the locals, the natives in Pakistan that have been helping us are going to be the first to be slaughtered. And what I’m telling you is Obama doesn’t care. This is a political event for him. He’s gotta figure out in his mind how he can politically salvage health care in the midst of all this.

What can he do that will disappoint his fringe base the least, where Afghanistan is concerned. This is just a sideshow. It’s a little distraction. Obama doesn’t really think we’re threatened by anything over there. He believes that the threat to the United States will be reduced if we just say, ‘Look, folks, you know, we’re going home and we’re going to mind our own business and we’re sorry for having screwed you in the past. Now I’m going to see to it that we get screwed ourselves, and we’re going to live like the rest of you do. You’re going to love us again.’ That’s the operating philosophy, foreign policy for Barack Obama right there. Your question was valid back when we had a president who believed in American exceptionalism.

CALLER: Well, it’s a shame because even if the threat is not even on… Without regard to the threats, these are real people. These are real people in Pakistan. They’re real people in Afghanistan. These are real human beings. If we’re going to… You know, this just shows our true regard for them, or lack of regard for them, and our true contempt for them, actually, by just, you know, saying, ‘Well, never mind. Here, let the Taliban overrun you and cut off your heads.’

RUSH: (sighs)

CALLER: And, you know, ‘We don’t care. You’re just… You’re less than human. We don’t care.’ That’s essentially what we’re telling the world and they know it. They’re not stupid. They can see this. They know exactly how we feel about everybody else, and this is, I think, a lot of the problems we have in a lot of the world, many parts of the world, especially the Muslim world, and it’s shameful. It’s shameful. That’s all I got to say, Rush, it’s shameful.

RUSH: Well, in parts of the Muslim world. Remember, now, the militant Islamists, it’s religious fanaticism, too. There are a lot of factors here. But your point is valid in that we have sought allies amongst people from all countries and populations. And once we bring ’em in to make ’em allies and we engage in activities to support the causes and their countries they believe and once we cut-and-run you’re right, you know: We’re finished. Nobody is going to join us ever again in such excursions.


RUSH: The runoff election in Afghanistan is November the 7th. It will probably take several weeks to count the ballots in Afghanistan — we’re dealing with a Seventh Century country over there — and then after that for Karzai to form a government. The point is all of this had given Obama time to have pushed through his health care reform which is scheduled to be before Thanksgiving. So it looks more and more like he’s afraid-of-ticking off his lunatic base on the left, who he needs to push it through. Anyway, McChrystal first asked for troops when, the end of August if not sooner? And he’s not going to get an answer on this until it’s too late.

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