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RUSH: Here’s Harry Reid yesterday afternoon on the Senate floor.

REID: Republicans will do everything in their power to stop reform this time because for many on the other side there will never be a good time to reform health insurance. As former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole said a few days ago, and I quote, ‘Sometimes people fight you just to fight you,’ end quote. That might be true but it won’t be tolerated. Congress will not be sidetracked by those who devise strategies only to trip up progress rather than contribute in good faith. This country has no place for those who hope for failure.

RUSH: I think he’s threatening me, again. Well, Dingy Harry, I think you better move, because the last time I looked at it you wanted us to fail in Iraq and you had proclaimed it a failure. You wanted George W. Bush to fail all over the place, Pelosi did, too. The last I looked you people ought not be living here, if the country has no place for people who hope for failure, you are a walking personification of it. And they’ve got their fist clenched out there, folks. They come after me either by name or not by name.

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