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Rush’s Morning Update: CARB!
October 21, 2009

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The California Air Resources Board,CARB,has done it again. In their most recent effort to fight mythical global warming, CARB has issued a new “Cool Cars” regulation. Beginning in 2012, auto manufacturers will be forced to glaze car windows with a product that contains microscopic specs of metal oxide, which reflects sunlight. According to CARB wackos, the new regulation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 700,000 metric tons by 2020.

They also claim consumers will benefit in other ways. CARB claims that dashboards won’t crack as much, car upholstery will fade less, and temperatures inside cars will be 13 degrees cooler. (That is just BS!)The lower temps will supposedly result in reduced air conditioning,and that in turn will save on gasoline consumption. (It’s all a crock!)

But there are drawbacks to this. Toyota used this stuff on its Japanese models starting in ’89. Five years later they dropped it,because the glaze interfered with radio waves. So drivers who use satellite radio, mobile phones, or garage door openers should get used to those devices not working. Vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler may have to be discontinued in Californiabecause it has a soft convertible top that uses flexible roll-up side windows –those won’t work with this glaze… garbage.

And,like every otherliberal policy,there is a tax. The regulation will add $250 in costs to eachcar by 2016 –which will be passed on to consumers.

At least with food carbs, you get food; with the wacko CARB, all you getis screwed… and it’s a bunch of idiots doing it!

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