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RUSH: Another tape has surfaced of another Obama official praising Mao Tse-tung. Let’s first go back to June the 5th. We had this for you last Friday. This is Anita Dunn, White House communications director at a high school graduation at the Washington National Cathedral.

DUNN: The third lesson and tip actually come from two of my favorite political philosophers: Mao Tse-tung and Mother Teresa. Not often coupled with each other. In 1947, when Mao Tse-tung was being challenged within his own party on his plan to basically take China over, the Nationalist Chinese helped the cities, they had the army, they had the Air Force, they had everything on their side. And people said, ‘How can you win? How can you do this? How can you do this? Against all the odds against you?’ And Mao Tse-tung said, ‘You fight your war and I’ll fight mine,’ and think about that for a second.

RUSH: I’ve seen this clip aired on television, and I’ve seen the noted pundit class commenting on this, and they’re saying, ‘Well, uh, umm, Anita Dunn, she is what she is, but certainly she’s not endorsing the policies of Mao Tse-tung! I mean, he killed 30 million Chinese in his revolution, certainly… I mean we — we — certainly she doesn’t — she doesn’t mean it.’ Let me just put it to you this way. Can you think of any other administration in this country where a president or a communications specialist or anybody else would run around and start praising Mao Tse-tung as a role model, as a philosopher to follow? Can you think of any administration who would have previously cited Stalin or Lenin or Castro? This administration idolizes all these people! I’m not suggesting they’re mass murderers. I’m saying they envy the total control, the tyrannical control that Mao Tse-tung had. ‘You fight your battles and I’ll fight mine.’ We’ve got another one to add to the list now. This is the manufacturing czar, Ron Bloom. He was the car czar but he’s moved over to manufacturing now. He called the free market ‘nonsense.’ This is February 2008 in New York City, the sixth annual Distressed Investing Forum, and he was special assistant on the president of the United Steelworkers Union at the time. He’s now the White House manufacturing czar, Ron Bloom.

BLOOM: We get the joke. We know that the free market is nonsense. We know that the whole point is to game the system, to beat the market or at least find someone who will pay you a lot of money because they’re convinced that there is a free lunch. We know this is largely about power, that it’s an adults-only, no-limit game. We kind of agree with Mao that political ‘power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.’

RUSH: Now, he’s speaking as a union guy there but he’s now the manufacturing czar at the White House. So you got two high-ranking White House officials citing their appreciation for and respect for the philosophies of Mao Tse-tung. It is happening! And I’ll tell you what really amuses me at times is people, when they hear about this. ‘Does Obama know who these people are?’ (snorts) Obama is Anita Dunn! Obama is Ron Bloom! Obama is Van Jones! Obama is Mark Lloyd! Obama is ACORN! You think these people just accidentally got chosen to serve in this administration. Obama is these people! He gets to go out there and portray himself as Mr. Perfect. He always smiles. He never ever does anything wrong. He never commits one faux pas. He never loses his cool. He never says radical things. He’s the public face of centrism and moderation, and yet the people doing his dirty work are the same radicals that he is.

He is a radical. It’s there for everyone to discover. Some people just don’t want to believe it. So Anita Dunn, praising Mao Tse-tung, is telling us that since Obama now has the army in the cities, we should act like Mao to overtake them? Is that what she’s saying? I mean, if we followed Mao, what would we be doing now, Ms. Dunn? If you believed in Mao Tse-tung, ‘You fight your war, I’ll fight mine,’ okay. You guys have the cities, and you have the guns, so does the rest of what you believe in Mao Tse-tung now follow? You roll into these cities with the guns and you just finally take over? Why don’t you just outlaw the Republican Party? Why not just rewrite the Constitution and require redistribution of wealth? Just shut down Fox News and talk radio. Just shut it down like Hugo Chavez is doing! Shut it down. You’d have a lot of people standing up and applauding for you. National Football League would be happy if you did it. Afghan elections, fraudulent? Does that mean that Carville took an ACORN representative with him over there in August to run that campaign?

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