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RUSH: Jerry in Vancouver, Washington. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Major dittos, Rush. I’ve been listening to you since KFBK.

RUSH: Well, that will be 1984, that’s forever.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I would like to expand on your mood yesterday. You elaborated that even the golf balls were going to have to help your therapy, and you are so important to all of us, and when you left the show yesterday, it wasn’t just me that felt despondent, people around me, we talked about you really are important to keeping our spirits going, and we just really need you to keep the flag waving for all the rest of us.

RUSH: Now, I admitted that I was in a bad mood yesterday, but had I not admitted it would you have known it?

CALLER: I did sense a different mood yesterday.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: But our only hope is the encouragement that you, especially you, are giving us, and if there’s no hope for you where does that leave all the rest of us?

RUSH: This is why Obama is trying to marginalize me.

CALLER: You are not marginalized, I can guarantee you.

RUSH: I know that. This is why they’re trying — but the press is — they think that we all have been. Look, I considered opening the program today with an apology for my mood yesterday.

CALLER: No, don’t apologize.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: Don’t apologize.

RUSH: No —

CALLER: I’m just letting you know how important you are to all of us.

RUSH: Well, I mean, you left the program despondent yesterday because of my mood. It is not my intention to make anyone despondent. As you know, this program’s signature is good cheer, inspiration, upbeat, confidence and optimism and so forth, even during the darkest days, such as we are in now. I come in here in bad moods now and then, doesn’t happen much, but on those days I cover it up. My show goes on and Mr. Professional shows up, and then I trash something after the show and get it out of the system. Yesterday I was just livid, and it’s not anything you would know anything about, had nothing to do with the news. I mean, the news yesterday just made it worse, but I’ve been keeping a lot of stuff inside me for a long, long time about nothing in the news, folks, and I just exploded.

CALLER: Well, we feel for you, too. You’re in it with us, but you’re our leader.

RUSH: Well, I thank you. I appreciate it. I figured yesterday honesty was the best policy: here I am, this is how I am today, but apparently not.

CALLER: And I sure wish I wasn’t one of those golf balls that you probably were hitting around yesterday.

RUSH: (laughing) Let me tell you something. I went with some friends to the — I didn’t play golf. I went to the range with a new teacher, Simon came in and I got there a little bit before he did. I got my bag, I took it out to the range, got the bucket of balls, threw the bucket of balls on the ground, and I just started swinging, I didn’t care about technique, and I was bombing the ball. I was bombing it and said, ‘Whoa, maybe I ought to make this my swing.’ I wasn’t worried about any fundamental, just hit it. Just hit it. You know, I was swinging so hard, my abs when I woke up this morning felt like I’d been doing sit-ups, that never happens after I play golf and I was just into it. But it was good. (interruption) How did I know? Because I had to do them when I was in high school, Snerdley. He’s asking me how do I know what sit-ups feel like. You ever heard of high school football? I’ve had to do situps before, yeah, it’s been 50 years, 40. (laughing). Anyway, thanks for the call, Jerry, appreciate it.


RUSH: Now, folks, look, everybody is, ‘What were you in a bad mood about, then?’ I just had a crescendo. Everybody is asking me for money, asking me to promote this, to promote that, as though my lot in life and my duty is to publicize what they are doing. It all hit a crescendo, a combination of other things.

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