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RUSH: Now, the surreal nature of things continues. Do you remember two days ago a phony group claiming to be the Chamber of Commerce sent out an e-mail that the Chamber had done a 180 and was now supporting cap and trade? It was learned that the e-mail was a hoax and the group was a hoax group. So then we find out later that the group then had a press conference in Washington where the media showed up. And this fake group claiming to be the Chamber of Commerce was in the middle of the press conference denouncing opposition to cap and trade, claiming to be the Chamber of Commerce, and the actual communications director of the Chamber of Commerce walked in there and said, ‘You are not a representative of the Chamber! If any of you media people in this room want to know the opinion of the US Chamber of Commerce, ask me,’ and the members of the media told the real Chamber of Commerce guy to shut up, because they wanted to hear what the hoaxer had to say! Okay, are you ready for the next installment of this? The hoaxer showed up on CNN and was interviewed, after his phony, fake press conference at the National Press Club. So the CNN anchor brings in the hoaxer, the fake Chamber of Commerce guy. First question: ‘What was the point you were trying to make with that fake news conference that some news organizations bought into?’

LYING HOAXER: The point we were trying to make is that the real Chamber of Commerce has a completely backwards — trog-lo-dyt-ic, in fact — position on climate change. They’re behind the rest of the world and they seem to be working hard to — trying to make the US the laughingstock of the world. You know, if we send President Obama to Copenhagen in December to the Copenhagen Climate Con — Conference without a strong climate bill, uh, the US will be behind the rest of the world, will be the laughingstock of the world, and will be dooming the planet according to the science.

RUSH: No, this guy is so full of it. He’s an actor! CNN is interviewing an actor who ran a hoax on the media claiming to be the Chamber of Commerce. So the next question was: ‘Well, you call them ‘troglodytic.’ Are you referring to those on the right who have a very narrow view of the issue?’

LYING HOAXER: I’m referring to the corporate interests, specifically that are actively and expensively lobbying against climate legislation, for entirely economic reasons. It’s not because they don’t believe the science. Everybody who — I mean if you believe in science at all, you have to believe that climate change is real and it’s human caused.

RUSH: Stop this! This guy is an absolute brain dead narrow-minded idiot. There is no ‘science.’ There is none that confirms that there’s even any warming, much less that it is caused by man. The warmest year in the last ten was 1998, or I guess last 11 years was 1998. The warmest year was 1998! We’ve got elder cold records and snowfall records being made all over this country. Narrow-minded critics? I’ll tell you, the narrow-minded bubbleheads are all on the left. They are the most closed-minded ideologically rigid, live-in-a-cocoon bunch of brain dead… I’ve gotta stop there because I don’t want to say the word.


RUSH: Do you realize what an idiot you’ll become with even casual exposure to CNN? They interview frauds, actors and hoaxers and give them legitimacy. I am warning you, you will severely hamper your IQ and your intellectual growth. In fact you’ll suffer intellectual loss, contrary to if you listen to this show you can’t help but get smarter. All right, back to the program.

Stan in Vista, California. Great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Dittos there, Rush, from Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton. When I heard this American Cancer Society report, the first thought that came to mind was exactly what you just brought up, the Chamber of Commerce fraud. It doesn’t fit. It doesn’t fit the mold at all.

RUSH: But it was in the New York Times.

CALLER: Well, I understand that, but can we trust the New York Times?

RUSH: Can’t trust any of them. They’re all corrupt. Are you actually suggesting that the New York Times has fallen for a phony American Cancer Society press release and a couple people doing these interviews?

CALLER: I wouldn’t put it past them, but then again, it could be a little bit worse. It could just be that ACS has now been infiltrated.

RUSH: It’s amazing. Well, you know, it is so far out of the realm of what has been consensus and conventional wisdom, and I totally understand people thinking that whatever they see in the media these days is an absolute lie or a hoax. You know, stop and think. Does the name Joe Wurzelbacher ring a bell? Joe Wurzelbacher, Joe the Plumber. Joe the Plumber, minding his own business one day when Obama floats into town in Ohio, and Joe the Plumber dares to disagree with Obama’s redistribution policies. Obama sits there, ‘We need to spread the wealth around.’ And they start an investigation of Joe the Plumber. They start harassing Joe the Plumber, a legitimate, decent American citizen. They find out all the dirt they can about Joe the Plumber, an average American. (interruption) I’m smoking a miniature cigar. As I was saying, just last week, some state official was convicted of using the state computer system to illegally investigate Joe the Plumber. Folks, do you remember this? Joe the Plumber was marked for destruction by the United States media. Here we had on CNN today, or whenever it was, an actor, a fraud, a perpetrator of a hoax given legitimacy because he was carrying the Obama line on destroying the US economy.

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