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RUSH: Randall in Columbia, South Carolina, hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I appreciate you taking my call. I look at this and I see where the far left has gained some common sense toward the end of President Bush’s term. But I believe that the common sense they gained and the values that they wanted to instill in America, they’re going to gain them back again.

RUSH: Wait a minute. I must confess here to being confused. You said that the far left has gained some common sense toward the end of the Bush term? What do you mean?

CALLER: Right. I mean as far as focusing on the war effort, for example. You know, they wanted to pull out the troops from Iraq is one of their main campaign goals and, you know, focus on Afghanistan. Although we’ve always been at war with Iraq since the first Desert Storm, Desert Shield war, okay. But they’re gaining common sense, I don’t know they’re actually gaining common sense or they’re losing common sense because they have 120,000 troops still in Iraq, and we got health care about ready to be shoved down our throats — which costs over a trillion dollars — 120,000 troops in Iraq and we’re not even focusing on Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden and the people that actually attacked our country. And our troops are deprived and just spread out, boots on the ground, all over the world. You know, and then again we can’t even take care of our social programs in our own border at home, okay. You know —

RUSH: What is your point? I don’t get your point.

CALLER: Well, you know, it’s just the lack of common sense is just… As far as everything on their agenda. It’s like, ‘Okay, we’re for same-sex marriage. We’re for pro-choice,’ but they value the family. If everybody in our family exercised pro-choice and same-sex marriages they wouldn’t have a family anymore, eventually. They would actually be extinguished or go extinct. I mean, every policy if you look at coming from the far left doesn’t have any common sense. It doesn’t have any foundation.

RUSH: Okay, so that’s your point. You confused me because you said they had common sense toward the end of the Bush term. There’s nothing sensible in a normal, logical way, about liberalism. It is counter to everything about the human spirit. It exists to destroy the human spirit. You know, their target here is people who believe in God. They have got to get belief in God shattered and turn that belief toward The State. But talking about liberalism in terms of common sense? Of course it has no common sense. It’s just dangerous as it can be. Anyway, Randall, thanks much, I appreciate it. Kevin in Detroit, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah. Good afternoon, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: My comment deals with Obama hiding behind the elections in Afghanistan to make his decision to send more troops. I haven’t read anything about his opponent Abdullah having any sort of different political agenda with regards to US presence in Afghanistan. So it seems to me, regardless of who wins, the US mission won’t change. So it’s purely political posturing because whoever wins the election, their position on our involvement there isn’t going to change. Obama is just hiding behind a moot point, in my opinion.

RUSH: This is not just about Afghanistan. It’s about us. This is about US national security interests. And I’ve never seen it in my life where we wait on military action, which could mean defeat or victory, until after we find out who the postwar leader is going to be! I mean, you’re right. This is clear, pure politics and posturing and waiting for the right moment to do this so that there is as little damage from the left on health care. Well, the dirty little secret — which the State-Controlled Media is not going to report with any emphasis — is that Obama’s got big trouble on the Democrat side of things. Even in his fundraiser last night, he urged the Democrats, ‘We must unify. We gotta do this! It’s hard but we gotta do it.’ Their big problem is themselves. Here, let’s go to the audio sound bites. Audio sound bite number 27 this afternoon: MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell talked to Savannah Guthrie, the stenographer at the White House, for NBC. She had a sit-down interview with The One, and she said to The One, ”Can you really announce a new strategy, roll out this new strategy, Afghanistan, before the results of this runoff election are announced?’ That was my first question to the president today, and listen to his response.’

OBAMA: We’re still finding out h-how this whole process in Afghanistan is gonna go. It is important to make sure that we understand the landscape and the partner that we’re going to be dealing with, because our strategy in Afghanistan is not just dependent on military forces. This is part of a comprehensive strategy. It always has been. And our basic attitude is that we are going to take the time to get this right. We’re not gonna drag it out.

RUSH: We are dragging it out! We are specifically dragging it out. Take the time to get it right? What kind of time does it take? Your commander is saying, ‘We need 40,000 more troops to support the 60,000 we have. We have a strategy to win this thing.’ He’s dithering around. She said she asked him, ‘Can you really announce a new strategy, roll out this new strategy before the results of the runoff election are announced?’ I mean, talk about being in the tank! ‘Mr. Obama, I’m here to interview you, and I know it’s really, really tough for you to announce a strategy before the results are known, right?’ (doing Obama impression) ‘Uhhh, right! I’m still finding out how the whole process is going to unfold.’ As I say: ‘When is the commander-in-chief going to act like one?’ Tens of thousands of Americans are fighting a war in Afghanistan that Obama himself said is crucial, and he’s out campaigning, attending dinners and throwing ritzy parties at the White House. Savannah Guthrie then had this exchange, little exchange with Obama.

GUTHRIE: Could you envision, however, announcing a strategy before the runoff is determined?

OBAMA: (stammering) Eh, uhh, uhh, weh… I think it is entirely possible that we have a strategy formulated before a runoff is determined. We may not announce it.

RUSH: It doesn’t matter! There are American husbands, daughters, sons, wives — who are dying, who are putting their lives on the line — and he’s worried about a runoff election. ‘We may not announce it. We have a strategy and we may not announce it.’ Why not announce it? He can’t even say that we’re going to win. He can’t even say, ‘We’re going to lead these people to victory.’ He can’t even say that. And, meanwhile, these stenographers sit there, they marvel, oh, at the brilliance of Obama! Now, I’m a little long here but you’ve gotta hear this since we’re on a roll. This is Savannah Guthrie. She asked him how it is reflected in his own household, how… I don’t know, whatever is reflected, but the answer is self-explanatory here.

OBAMA: Five years ago, six years ago, we were having a lot of negotiations because Michelle was trying to figure out, okay, if kids get sick, why is it that she’s the one who has to take time off of her job to go pick them up from school as opposed to ME? What I’ve tried to do was to learn to be thoughtful enough, uhh, and introspective enough, uhhh, that I wasn’t always having to be told that things were unfair. (nervous laugh) Once in a while I’d actually voluntarily say, ‘You know what, let me relieve this burden on you.’ Uh, there’s no doubt that our family like a lot of families out there, uh, were ones in which, uh, the men, uh, are still a little obtuse about this stuff.

RUSH: Now, I have no idea what the subject is here. I have no idea what she asked him. I don’t know what they were talking about, but it’s pretty self-explanatory, but did you hear that answer? He was in negotiations with his wife over who would pick up the kids and take them to hospital or whatever if they got sick, pick them up from school, and men are very obtuse about this. I mean, no wonder the guy’s talking about a mop. Guy chickified. It’s obvious to me.


RUSH: Here’s Howard in Jacksonville, Florida, great to have you here, Howard. Hello. Howard went bye-bye so we go to Grand Lake, Michigan, and Justin. Hello, Justin.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from Michigan. I’m a fellow Steeler fan, so go Steelers.

RUSH: What? Who are the Steelers?

CALLER: What’s that?

RUSH: Who are the Steelers?

CALLER: Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, but I live in Michigan now.

RUSH: I don’t know anything about any Steelers.

CALLER: Oh, come on, Rush.

RUSH: (laughing) I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding.

CALLER: All right. I just wanted to say that basically I think they should just bring these troops home. I mean, let’s face it, we are being controlled by sixties radicals, hippies basically, that have no intention of winning this war or fighting this war, so why let people die? Just bring ’em home. They’re not going to fight it.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now, there are still people putting their reputations on the line, the generals, and I think even Gates, the defense secretary — I have a story here in Human Events, I just scanned it, but it actually said that the secretary of defense is trying to get face time with the president to explain his concern about the delay in approving the new troop levels. Now, the secretary of defense is having trouble getting face time with the president. The president is at a campaign event for Democrat Jon Corzine right now, he’s been raising money in New York. The secretary of defense can’t get with him. We don’t want to quit. That’s what Osama Bin Laden saw us do in Somalia. There’s still people putting their lives on the line for the country, and some of them happen to work for Obama in the Pentagon and so forth.

I think this is worth fighting for, and it’s worth trying to humiliate Obama into actually becoming the commander-in-chief, because you’re right, sixties radicals have taken over. They love an American military in decline and in defeat. We can’t let ’em do that, we can’t just acquiesce. That would be the same thing as, you know what, let’s just shut down the Republican Party (although parts of it wouldn’t be bad) but let’s just shut down the Republican Party. Let’s just shut down talk radio, these guys are going to win, let’s just shut it down. Oh, yeah, let’s just get out of Afghanistan, let’s just lose. No. That’s not the way to go about this, folks. Not the way. I understand what you’re saying, Justin, and don’t take it personally here, but I disagree profoundly with quitting anything.

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