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RUSH: They sit out there and they talk about Fox not being ‘real news,’ that Fox has more of an agenda, has more of an attitude. Fox is just horrible! Fox is like talk radio! All right. Andrea Mitchell had Senator Lamar Alexander on this afternoon complaining about his comparing the Nixon administration to the Obama administration with this enemies list business. So here is Andrea Mitchell, we’re just going to play the questions for you, badgering Alexander. Remember: This is MSNBC. They do real news at MSNBC. It’s Fox that’s like talk radio. Listen to this.

MITCHELL: What prompted you to go to the floor of the Senate and make this accusation? You’re talking about interest groups that have gone out, made campaign ads now against key elements of the president’s program. What’s wrong in going after them? You’re not suggesting that the Obama White House has revitalized and recaptured that a-attitude and that kind of approach to politics?

SENATOR ALEXANDER: It’s basically — it’s —

MITCHELL: (talking over him) We’re talking about breaking and entering? The plumbers? I don’t think you want to go there, Senator, saying that this White House — at least in what it’s done publicly or what we know it’s done privately — has even reached the level of threats and pressure of the Nixon White House.

RUSH: My goodness! So here she is, a ‘real news woman,’ lecturing us! ‘I don’t think you want to go there, Senator! I might tell Obama what you said! I don’t think I want to go there, Senator.’ This administration has gone far beyond what Richard Nixon even contemplated! This administration is targeting individual private citizens and a network. This administration is doing everything it can to silence and put out of business its opposition or its critics. Nixon was just trying to get a fair shake. It’s amazing.

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