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“What we’re living through now is why the Revolution was fought, and the Constitution was written: to limit the powers of a tyrannical government.”

“I couldn’t care less about the Republican Party, particularly when you look at the candidate they are supporting — Dede Scozzafava — up there in the 23rd District of New York. Frankly, folks, our focus is not on the Republican Party. Our focus is ontrying to save the country.”

“Story: ‘One official told Fox News that Feinberg, from the start, had the independent authority to work with companies [to slash pay]… Obama was never required to sign off before final decisions were made.’ Whisky tango foxtrot, WTF, who the hell is going to believe this?”

“I want to ask you: How is your life better now that the pay czar is in control? Okay, so these Wall Street guys got 90% of their salaries cut. You want to live on vengeance?”

“When I speak out against a czar dictating the salaries and bonuses of executives who work at bailed-out firms, I am not arguing for any particular person or salary or benefit — I am coming out against unchecked tyranny. I am speaking out against the taking of the fruits of one’s labor by a government.”

“Obama is now out there saying that Fox News is talk radio. Well, if that’s true, then MSNBC is pornography, and Obama likes MSNBC.”

“I love Dick Cheney, I love his family, and this is very courageous for him to do –to speak out against the Obama administration. Is there an elected Republican speaking up like this? I don’t think so.”

“Story: ‘”I’m here because of you,” Obama wrote Kerry on the January day he was inaugurated. The note is framed and hangs on Kerry’s office wall.’ See, I should have given you a hurl alert. Sorry. Go grab a wastebasket for your puke.”

“We have an administration in love with the teachings of Chairman Mao, so when Louie Farrakhan comes along and says that the swine flu vaccine was developed to kill people, he seems perfectly within the realm of reality, given all the other news that’s going on out there.”

“Daily listeners to this show have developed the courage necessary to deal with the truth without going crazy. Liberals, meanwhile, listen at their own risk.”

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