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RUSH: It was revealed last week that the Obama daughters had not been vaccinated against the swine flu. Malia is 11, Sasha is 8. ‘The White House announced on its website Tuesday that Malia, 11, and Sasha, 8, got the shots from a White House doctor last week. The doctor, who was not identified, applied for and received the vaccine from the city’s health department ‘using the same process as every other vaccination site in the District’ of Columbia, said Katie McCormick Lelyveld, a spokeswoman for first lady Michelle Obama. McCormick Lelyveld said the president and Mrs. Obama would wait to get their shots until after people in priority groups, such as children, young adults and pregnant women, have been vaccinated against the strain of flu known as H1N1. News that the Obama sisters have received their swine flu shots was likely to raise questions about whether they had been given preferential treatment.’ Oh, really? Is there some doubt about that?

‘It also could anger parents who are having difficulty getting shots for their own children because of shortages in the promised vaccine production and the way the vaccine that is available is being distributed.’ I will never forget how Hillary dumped all over Bush over bird flu vaccine, I forget the year, but I mean it was just relentless how incompetent and so forth, and this is after Hillary had gone after the pharmaceutical companies. Well, let’s go to the audio sound bites. So the First Children got vaccinated in the White House while people are standing in lines around the country. Here’s Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius this afternoon in Washington. They held a joint press conference, here is a portion of Napolitano’s remarks.

NAPOLITANO: We know people are frustrated by waiting in line and by uncertainty. And so what we want to do today is reset in a way, tell you where we are in terms of preparation and what we can look forward to over the coming days and weeks as we, as a country, work our way through this flu outbreak. We have also been continuously reminding the American people that we are our own best protectors in a way by coughing properly, by washing your hands thoroughly, by staying home from school or work if you’re exhibiting signs of the flu.

RUSH: Oh, man. The chickification of the US government. Nanny State, Nanny State. We really continuously remind the American people by coughing properly, by washing your hands thoroughly, by staying home from school or work if you are exhibiting signs of the flu. But it was just yesterday that Sebelius said we’re not going to close the schools even if we have an epidemic here because then children in America will not eat. And how about this reset business? Yeah, what we want to do here is reset, in a way. You mean you’ve got a debacle on your hands so you’re going to reset it and start over? I remember when John Kerry was being interviewed during the 2004 presidential campaign by CBS. They asked him a question, and he gave a blathering, blubbering answer that made no sense and the producer said, ‘You want to take two on that, Senator Kerry, you want to do it over?’ Democrats get do-overs. Democrats get resets. Here is Kathleen Sebelius, who says she is saddened.

SEBELIUS: We are saddened and unhappy about certainly the level of illness and the deaths caused by H1N1 flu and, as the Secretary just said, share the frustration of Americans who are eager to be vaccinated. There’s no question, production started more slowly than anyone would have liked.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, much slower than anyone liked, we botched it, we really did but we’re going to be better about it next time, we reset everything now. So, yeah, everything’s cool. These people are flaming incompetents.


RUSH: So we’ve had a number of calls today, people have not gone on the air, Drive-By calls, saying, ‘This swine flu, I think the cases are being hyped.’ What’s happening is that people come down with what they think is the flu, I mean when you put out the news that there’s going to be a pandemic of this stuff, and then you get a sore throat, you know, cold and a flu are totally different things. I mean they’re both viral, but much different things. But you can’t take a chance. ‘People are going to die, Mr. Limbaugh, they’re going to die! We’ve got to get the vaccine, it’s horrible out there.’ So people come down with a cold symptom, go to the doctor, go to a testing center, and they’ve been told that, ‘Yeah, you’ve got the swine flu, but we don’t have time to test you,’ people are being told the test is expensive, ‘So here, take this medicine,’ some antibiotics or whatever, not even the vaccine, which doesn’t work on a virus any, antibiotics work on infections, but they don’t work on a virus. They’re dispensing the stuff and then reporting swine flu cases. And some people are beginning to think that the number of cases are being hyped here simply because of the number of frightened people showing up with flu or cold-like symptoms.

I know of a woman whose daughter is at college, and the daughter came down with something she thought was the flu because of all this news about it, so she went to a testing center they had on the campus. The medical people there gave her antibiotics, did not test her, she was told that the test for swine flu is pretty expensive, they can’t do it for everybody, takes a awhile and so forth, you could die before we find out — no, they’re not told that, but I mean that’s what people think. They’re being led to believe they’re going to die if they get the virus. If they get this flu, they think they’re going to die. That’s what this has all created. So the bottom line is the medical people then report a swine flu case. Now, if this is true and it’s happening all over the place then the number of cases is being hyped. And I don’t doubt that it is. I don’t doubt that the number of H1N1 cases out there is being hyped. And for many of the same reasons that AIDS was and still is hyped in Africa. Everything in Africa is called AIDS. The reason is they get aid money for it, AIDS is the biggest pot that people throw donation money into.

If you pay attention, you know. If you listen to any news reports, the number of AIDS cases in Africa is over the top and it’s not going down, spreading to all population levels, it’s just horrible over there. Bush sent $15 million, Clinton Global Initiative sending money to AIDS. Well, to keep that money coming in, what do you need? You need AIDS cases. Even if you don’t have them, you report that you do, so everything is AIDS you get the money. If in the same circumstance here, if you’re gonna get federal money, if there’s a giant pile of it for H1N1, all you gotta do is report, ‘Yeah, here’s a case of it.’ By the end of the day, this many new cases reported, bam, here comes the money. Everything is a scam or everything has a scam aspect to it. See, I have a general distrust of government, folks. This is why, when Kathleen Sebelius says, ‘You must get the vaccine,’ I said, no, ma’am. I have three times the IQ you do. I am much more informed, educated, and smart than you are, plus you’re from the government and you work for Obama and you’ve got an agenda behind this. You’re really not that concerned about people’s health, you’re concerned about pushing an agenda and your job in pushing the agenda is helping create panic and then being able to control people.

I’m sorry. I’m not going to be controlled. I’m not going to be a member of the herd. But a lot of people are not that way, I am. But folks, I’m 58 years old, I have lots of experience with government. I studied it. I mean it’s my job. I know what a dismal failure it is every time it tries to solve a problem. There are some success stories, there’s no question some great government programs. I think NASA in the early days was slam bam. Even now, when I say that, some people say, ‘Ah, you fell for the PR hype, NASA’s a bottom pit.’ NASA, in the early days, great stuff. And there are a couple of examples. But when they start engineering social policy, it’s a disaster. It’s a debacle. They bust up and break up families. They tell me that there’s a swine flu epidemic, I’m not going to believe it. What I’m going to do, I’m going to go get a chart and I’m going to find real epidemics in the past. What was the big flu in 1918? Spanish flu, 1918 to 1919, there were 20 to 100 million deaths worldwide. Now, that’s an epidemic.

Now, we’re nowhere near that. The Asian flu, 1956 to ’58, two million deaths worldwide. The Hong Kong flu, ’69-69, one million. The seasonal flu, every year, mainly H3N2, 250 to 500,000 every year. Seasonal flu, 250 to 500,000 people worldwide die from it. The case fatality rate is 0.1%. I don’t see any evidence that we’re anywhere near way over that average. What’s different about this flu is that normally it’s the elderly who succumb to it. This is getting children and, of course, you know, when that happens, people’s hearts melt, it’s the children, and there are, what, a hundred cases that they’re saying child death from this? That’s very, very sad, but it’s not epidemic. And yet this administration is running around trying to hype it, and now they’ve got this vaccine, got people lined up, can’t get the vaccine all because they’ve created this and I guarantee you this is what they want, Sebelius having to go out there today and we need a reset on the program here. That’s not a reset. It’s a Mulligan. It’s a do-over.

So I wish if there were one thing I could bequeath to every American, it would be my knowledge and thus natural suspicion of people in power in government. If you are a person who has an instinctive distrust for anybody in business, if you think that they’re out to screw you, be it at the auto dealer, be it when you go buy a house, you think your real estate agent is on the side of the seller, when you’re the buyer, you think you’re being shafted by the power company, please, triple that when somebody from the government comes calling. Because the people really shafting us — it’s not just people specifically, it’s just the institutions, the bureaucracies. They are destroying freedom day by day. They are assuming you are an idiot; they look at you with contempt. You don’t even know how to cough right now. They have to give demonstrations how to cough on your sleeve, which means that somebody in government has a take in the dry cleaning business or the washing machine business or some sufficient thing.

But if you have a natural distrust of people in business, and we know you do, because the government has pounded Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Food, big whoever, Walmart. They want you to hate Walmart! They’re just jealous. Walmart does more for you than government does. For all of you who think that wherever you go in business: the bank, the automobile dealer, the credit card companies, you think they’re out to shaft you and cheat you, I’m not going to try to talk you out of it. I just want you to be an equal opportunity blamer and start looking at people in government the same way. ‘Cause the evidence is clear that the real shafting starts there.


RUSH: Now, according to the European CDC, Centers for Disease Control, if we can trust them, I mean it’s another government bunch, but according to them, worldwide deaths as of this date, the swine flu, 5,938. Now, I know some people think that the cases aren’t being hyped. That’s neither here nor there. There is hype going on. The White House is encouraging all of this crisis mentality. The State-Controlled Media is doing its job in keeping everybody on edge about it, showing us pictures of long lines, people can’t get vaccines. Apparently there are death panels in Chicago. Somebody’s deciding who gets a vaccine there and who doesn’t.

Palatine is the only Cook County suburb to get the swine flu vaccine, and there’s a newspaper story here asking, is this fair? So somebody is deciding who gets it and who doesn’t. We had that call from Chicago saying his kid couldn’t get it because they weren’t African-American or Native American or some other minority. But look, television itself is going to hype all this because they think it’s ratings. I think the bottom line is I don’t think they know, they don’t have the slightest clue who has this flu and who doesn’t have it, and I don’t think they have the slightest clue who got the flu and got over it and doesn’t have it. They’re also telling us that there are a lot of people, if you get it, you’re immune from getting it again, that’s the point, that’s how the vaccine works, in a way. And they’re worried that some people are susceptible to getting the disease, thinking that they’re now immune to it, when they’re not. How many worldwide deaths have there been from hemorrhoids compared to the number of deaths from swine flu, for example? Nobody talks about hemorrhoid sufferers because it’s too personal. It’s just too icky. But I wonder if they keep the numbers on hemorrhoid deaths, I bet it’s about the same as people who have died from the swine flu.

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