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RUSH: This Virginia governors race just continues to get funnier and funnier and funnier. Obama has essentially thrown Creigh Deeds under the bus.

OBAMA: He may not be perfect. My wife reminds me, I’m not. (cheers and applause) You know, Creigh sometimes his tie gets a little askew and, you know, his hair is a little rough. The question is, is that what the people of Virginia are looking for? Are you looking for slick? (crowd: ‘No!’) or are you looking for somebody who’s going to be fighting for you? (crowd cheers)

RUSH: That was yesterday afternoon in Norfolk, Virginia at the Old Dominion University, a rally for Creigh Deeds, and that’s Obama. May not be perfect, my wife reminds me I’m not, you know, tie gets a little askew, hair a little rough. Meanwhile some Republican big names are coming out in NY-23, we’ll see what — da-da-da-da — who are they — da-da-da-da — this is great, they did a headline ‘big names come out’ and then no names in the story. Regardless, more and more Republicans, mainstream Republicans are coming out for Doug Hoffman in NY-23. Contrast this with Obama going out to actually make a campaign appearance for Creigh Deeds essentially throwing him under the bus. I’ll tell you what this is all about. Obama is a narcissist. There’s a great piece in the American Thinker coming up on this. Everything has to be about him. I addressed this with my own psychoanalysis last week, well done I might say, but this time James Lewis does this, I’ve got it in the stack somewhere, I’ll find it. Everything has to be about him, and in this case, Creigh Deeds is down double digits in the polls and Obama is making sure that if Creigh Deeds loses, Obama wants to make sure everybody knows Obama thinks he should lose, because he’s a loser, his tie is askew, he’s not slick. It’s incredible to watch this.

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