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RUSH: Now, this Pelosi business, Bill Kristol asking if Democrats in her caucus will follow her off the plank and go over the cliff. I’m going to tell you what I think. I think Pelosi, for her own purposes, actually wants to get rid of the Blue Dog Democrats. She doesn’t like ’em, they cause her problems, she wants to thin out the Democrat herd in the House and rid herself of these Blue Dogs. She’s never liked ’em. She needed them to get her majority, but they give her problems. Here’s what’s going to happen. If she can convince enough of them to go along with her health care plan, with all fudgy language on the public option and so forth, if she can convince them to go along with her plan and again go along with cap and trade, she will have secured their votes and then she’ll be happy as hell when they go home and run for reelection and lose. After she gets the big agenda items, she doesn’t care one whit about these people and their political future. She’ll have their votes; she can cut ’em loose, further radicalizing her party in the House of Representatives.

Once the major agenda items are passed, neither she nor Obama care about these people, it’s about the agenda. You Blue Dogs, I may be your best friend right now. I may know more about what your future holds for you than you do. I’m telling you, all you gotta do is look at old Mr. Creigh Deeds and find out, look at how the White House is treating him, look at Obama going out, making a campaign appearance for him and basically saying he’s ugly, he’s a slob, but he’s a fighter. If they’ll throw Creigh Deeds under the bus because he’s down double digits in the governors race in Virginia, you think that they won’t cast you aside the moment they no longer need you? All they want is your vote on this radical agenda, and once they get it, they’ll be happy for your constituents to send you packing, mark my words. I know these people like every square inch of my glorious naked body.

She wants them to walk the plank. The difference is she’s not going to be on it. She comes from a radicalized district. Her district is never going to throw her out no matter what she does. And neither will Steny Hoyer’s, and any of the other leaders in the House. But the Blue Dogs, you know, they’re on precarious ground anyway because they’re from conservative districts. So they all have a question they have to ask themselves. What do they want their future to be? Do they want to lose reelection — or do they want to win reelection? ‘Cause either way they go here, they’re in trouble because if they buck Pelosi on this, if they don’t go along with her and vote for this radical health care bill and if they don’t go along with her and vote for radical cap and trade, then they are effectively the walking dead in the House, but they might win reelection.

If they go off the cliff with her, they are not going to win reelection, and then they’re finished, and she gets what she wants. This, my friends, ain’t beanbag. This is very serious stuff.

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