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RUSH: As you have probably heard, ladies and gentlemen, Nancy Pelosi just once again claimed that the House health care reform bill will not add one penny to the federal deficit. Of course this is absurd. It will turn out to be absurdly untrue if this thing ever sees the light day of, and when it does, when it does, when it is exposed as a total fraud, when she and everybody else supporting this are exposed as total liars about all of this being deficit neutral, about all of this covering all these people, about everybody getting all this health care for what they think will be nothing, when all of that is exposed, shouldn’t people like Nancy Pelosi, who lie to get such things passed into legislation, have to face some kind of real consequences? This is nothing more than theft. Are they not thieves? They are stealing billions of dollars from US taxpayers, both taxpayers of today and tomorrow. You can’t even say that they’re enriched by their thievery ’cause they do it to buy votes and more power, and some of them do get enriched as a result of all this.

Why shouldn’t people who steal billions of dollars have to go to jail if the small fry like Bernie Madoff has to go to jail. Madoff is chump change compared to Nancy Pelosi, chump change compared to Barney Frank and Harry Reid. This is generational theft that is going on here. I mean let’s step back. Nancy Pelosi is the most radical Speaker of the House ever, from one of the most radical communities in the nation, San Francisco. She’s pushing this newest proposal now. She’s never cared about costs before, she doesn’t care about them now. She’s never cared about economic reality before because she’s insulated from it. She is wealthy. Her husband is wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. She is George McGovern on hormones, steroids and everything else, and she sees this as the best way for her and her ilk to remain in power for decades.

Folks, both the Senate bill, Dingy Harry’s little bill over there and Pelosi’s bill today are time bombs. They are ticking time bombs. They are designed to destroy private insurance companies and thus the economy. If you look at it from their standpoint these are brilliantly conceived bills and they’re guaranteed to work, they are going to do exactly what these Democrats intend. If they are passed, only massive Republican gains in 2010 and 2012 can diffuse this time bomb because the stuff doesn’t get implemented until after the 2012 election if it passes. Now, of course, there’s a new millionaire tax. This is the same play from a tired, worn-out old playbook. Tax the wealthy, a millionaire surcharge to pay for this. Now, this is not only a joke, since there aren’t enough rich pay to pay for all this, but it’s a diversion.

What this is intended to do is give the impression that most people are going to get something for nothing, that they’re going to get health care, everybody’s going to get brand-new health care, it’s going to be cheaper, it’s not going to cost anybody anything, and even if you are diagnosed today with a heart attack tomorrow, you’re going to be able to get insurance. And it’s not going to cost you much because a couple of rich people are going to be paying for all of this. It’s all a sham. The fact is costs will go sky-high for everybody. Taxes will be raised on all people who actually pay taxes and pay for insurance policies. Jobs are going to be lost by the bundle because employers will not hire because of the costs, they will instead fire. Businesses are going to fire people in order to make ends meet once all these added costs, which she says don’t add a dime to the deficit, are factored in. So, yeah, tax the rich. Tax and kill everything. That’s what this is about, tax and kill employment, kill private health care. It’s thievery. And now we’ve got mandates?

There’s nothing in the Constitution, folks, that allows Congress to mandate we buy anything. Suppose that there was a mandate that everybody own a condom, or everybody own a car? What if you were told you had to, that’s what’s happening here with health care. We’re being told we have to and if we don’t buy it and if we don’t have it, we get fined by the IRS. The IRS is going to be monitoring all this. Now, where in the Constitution is that permissible? It isn’t. They don’t care about the Constitution, and they don’t think anybody is going to line up and throw the Constitution in their face. It’s just blatant thievery. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. There’s something funny that happened today. It’s very hard to hear this. Pelosi out there making her announcement of her retooled health care bill on public territory, and I’m told Republicans were not allowed to even attend this thing either on the steps of the capitol where she is, or was, or even in the audience. She got heckled by somebody, he had a bullhorn. I’m going to play it for you, but it’s really hard to hear the heckler. I’ll tell you what he said after you’ve listened.

PELOSI: Here’s what our health insurance reform legislation will mean to American families, workers, and the economy. (heckler with bullhorn) Thank you, insurance companies of America. (laughter) This is why this is legislation is important.

RUSH: The heckler had a bullhorn and shouted, ‘Nazi Pelosi, Nazi Pelosi, you’ll burn in hell for this, Nazi Pelosi, Nazi Pelosi, you’ll burn in hell for this.’ And she didn’t miss a beat. I mean, she said, thank you, thank you, insurance companies of America. So she’s kind of laying it off here on the insurance companies. Folks, believe me, there’s a groundswell of opposition to this. She knows it, Harry Reid knows it, they don’t care. They’re going to ram it down our throats no matter what it takes. Nancy Pelosi is the single person most responsible for deficits since 2007. You can blame Obama, and I do, but nothing happens without it first starting, on at least spending, in the House of Representatives, and she’s run it since 2007. There are 1,990 pages in this new, retooled, let’s-start-over-again health care fiasco.

I was watching on MSNBC after they finished their coverage of Pelosi today, and I need to check into this because I did see it but I don’t understand it. Because I heard her say, ‘and there is a public option,’ and the crowd went nuts, of course, when she announced the public option. But then I saw the MSNBC anchor ask his doofus White House reporter about a backlash when 90% of Americans learn they’ll not be able to use the public option. I was reading closed-captioning, I was doing other things, and I said, ‘Whoa, 90% won’t be able to use it?’ And then they were running a graphic saying her plan does not contain a robust public option. Well, I know they’ve watered down some of the language here, but it’s all for show. The whole thing is a public option. What is MSNBC talking about, 90% of the people will not be able to access the public option? BS. Nobody’s going to have any choice but the public option before these people are finished. There’s no reason to do health care if it’s not a public option.

‘To finance the bill, House Democrats plan a surtax on couples who make more than $1 million a year. Leaders are also planning fees on medical-device makers that will add up to $20 billion over 10 years, according to another congressional aide. The Senate has proposed $40 billion in fees on device makers, as well as levies on drugmakers and insurers.’ They’re just going to tax everybody until they have nothing and it’s not going to do anything as advertised. It is not going to give health care to more people. It’s not gonna make it cheaper, and it certainly is not going to make health care any better. It’s going to make it worse. Now, Bill Kristol today at the Weekly Standard suggests that Pelosi pulled the trigger on this, she goes out there, does this today, makes a big spiel about the public option because Dingy Harry couldn’t pull the trigger, she’s tired of waiting on him. And in the process, she really is leading the Democrats off a cliff. This is the great thing about this, the Democrat Party is being destroyed by this. People do not want this.

The only people that seem to want this are women who have more than four cell phones in their house. Kellyanne Conway has some amazing — (lauging) I mean it’s funny as hell, some of the cross-tabs in some of her latest polling, went out and found out what kind of women support all of this health care. If they spend a hundred dollars or $101 a month on themselves and every other member of their family and have things like a plasma TV they still think health care costs are the most important thing. It really is a great expose of the entitlement mentality that a lot of people have. Here’s the key fact Kristol suggests in this bill: ‘The bill will be (allegedly) deficit neutral because of hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicare cuts. If it passes, these will be the largest cuts in Medicare ever.’ And Bill Kristol asks, ‘Is the Democratic Party as a whole willing to go into the 2010 election as the party that slashed Medicare?’
And my guess is they will because it will not be slashed by 2010. It will be slashed after 2010 or after 2012. Now, the tax increases will go in immediately. That’s also another little trick that they claim this is all deficit neutral over ten years. Well, they don’t implement it for the first three years of those ten but the taxes get implemented for all ten years.

So all these massive tax increases, they say, will make this deficit neutral plus the Medicare cuts. ‘Pelosi will whisper to her members not to worry, they can rescind the cuts next year. But then, of course, the legislation will be a deficit buster. … One more thing: Speaker Pelosi is once again–as on cap and trade–asking her members to walk the plank, absent any evidence there are enough votes in the Senate to pass comparable legislation. In fact, the reason Pelosi is pulling the trigger now is that Reid failed in his effort to get the Senate up to the starting gate first (that was the point of last week’s attempted ‘doc fix’),’ and it failed. So now the Democrats in the House are walking the plank because Dingy Harry couldn’t deliver. They can try to blame this on Republicans all they want, but they’re not going to be able to get away with it. So Bill Kristol’s question is this: ‘Will her caucus follow Nancy Pelosi off the cliff?’


RUSH: Mark in San Diego, great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, hi, Rush. Nineteen-year dittos. I just wanted to mention this 20% cut they’re talking about in Medicare is out of the gross. My office, I’m a practicing family physician —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait whoa, whoa. There’s a lot of Medicare cut lingo going on. What 20% are you talking about?

CALLER: Well, I’m talking about the one they’ve been hitting around where they tried to pass the bill that raises another — Medicare 21%, but it failed, but there’s a —

RUSH: Oh, you talking about the doc fix thing?

CALLER: Yeah, that one failed, but I think somewhere in there they’re still talking about a 21% decrease.

RUSH: You mean in reimbursements?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: To doctors?

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Well, of course they are.

CALLER: Yeah. And that’s gross. That’s not a 20% cut in my salary, that’s a 20% in the bundled fees that come in. And since my profit overhead profit margins is only about ten or 15% or less it cuts off any profit —

RUSH: Well, don’t you —

CALLER: I’m talking to a hospital CEO at a major hospital in San Diego today, he said they’re 40% about Medicare, but this thing if it passes is going to be a disaster. I’m predicting the whole system of hospitals will collapse, especially little ones.

RUSH: I think it has to, it has to collapse because without the profit motive and without any profit why go in business, why do this? What you have to understand is that Obama thinks you shouldn’t make any money, it ought to be revenue neutral. Your costs ought to equal your services and then your income. I’m not exaggerating this. You doctors, you’ve been too rich for too long, you amputate people’s feet when you don’t have to, you take out kids’ tonsils when you don’t have to. You have to understand Obama resents you. This 20% cut in your reimbursement is by design. They have to create the illusion that they’re saving money. The big thing is, though, there are 400 to $500 billion in Medicare cuts for patients, the recipients, for the elderly. I mean that’s a serious cut, and people are going to find out about that. There’s going to be a revolution. Now, you know, I don’t want to get caught up right now in the ideology of this. I’m all for cutting bloated federal programs. So, you know, $400 billion cut in Medicare, to me, it’s a problem because we’ve created a generation or two of people who depend on this.

You remember when Newt Gingrich, back in the nineties, was proposing Medicare reform that was gonna save a little bit of money, they were saying that Newt wanted Medicare to wither on a vine, wither away on the vine, they totally took it out of context, and here they are stripping the vine. It’s them doing it, and it’s their constituents that they’re doing it to. Now, privately I’m all for these bloated programs being cut. ‘But, Rush, but, Rush, this is going to harm real people.’ I know, see, that’s the Catch-22. We’ve created a generation of people who think they’re entitled to this, maybe two generations of people. But that 20% cut in reimbursements, that’s chump change compared to what’s coming. Look, the Clinton health care bill was something like 1,300 pages. This is 1,900 pages and it’s going to end up being even more than that because, you know, you’ve seen the previous bills like H.R. 3200 which this now replaces. You see phrases in it like ‘at the secretary’s discretion,’ blah, blah, blah, blah, that means a new law can be created by the secretary deciding something, whatever secretary you’re talking about, Health and Human Services or what have you. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Here’s Randy in Richmond, Virginia. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: Fine and dandy, sir.

CALLER: Good. My question is this. I hadn’t heard anybody talk about it but why can’t we revamp the current Medicare system to cover these people who are less fortunate and can’t afford insurance instead of just doing a complete takeover of the health care industry by the government?

RUSH: We could! I have run the numbers on this. The number of uninsured now is floating around 47 million, but if you go in there and you examine all of the 47 million using census figures and other demographic data. What you learn is that the real number of people who want health insurance and can’t afford it is 12 million. We could insure those 12 million every year for 35 or $40 billion. It’s right there in the stimulus money, hasn’t been spent. So the question, why not do that? Because that’s not what this is about. That’s how they’re selling it. That’s how these duped little liberals, average American citizen liberals are running around, they think their hearts are big and their compassion is overflowing because, ‘We’re going to get health insurance for the uninsured, Mr. Limbaugh, who can’t afford it.’ There are a lot of people that refuse to buy it, they’re young, they want to spend the money on five or ten cell phones and a couple plasma TVs and a Lamborghini, rather than health care. The real number is 12 million. But that’s not what this is about. This is about seizing one-sixth of the private sector and putting it in control of liberal Democrats. Health care, national health care is the simple fastest way to regulate every aspect of everyone’s life in this country.

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