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RUSH: How about Dede Scozzafava? You know what? Dede Scozzafava has just screwed every RINO in the country by showing everybody who they are. It’s what I say about radio, people say, ‘Rush, does it matter AM, FM?’ No, no. Content, content, content, content. Content determines what people will listen to, and in politics, principle, principle, principle. Moderates by definition have no principles. They’re wishy washy. A typical moderate is Lindsey Grahamnesty. A typical moderate. They’re all over the place. They go with the flow. They think of themselves first. They are not guided by principle at all, and Dede Scozzafava has just delivered a teachable moment for those who lack a keen sense of the obvious. RINOs cannot be trusted. Republicans-in-name-only cannot be trusted. They aren’t principled. You vote ’em into office and you’re going to get cap and tax, you’re going to get some version of Obamacare, you’re going to get tax increases, you’re going to get TARP bailouts, you’re gonna get amnesty.

To betray her party, Dede Scozzafava at this point in time when conservatives have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of RINOs, is a gift. For Dede Scozzafava to endorse the Democrat in NY-23, I know a lot of people got mad about it and so forth, no, folks, it’s great! Dede Scozzafava is showing everybody who Republicans-in-name-only are. Dede Scozzafava is illustrating precisely what moderate Republicans will do and who moderate Republicans are. She has just put an exclamation point on the problem with RINOs. They eventually end up exactly where most liberals do. They’re just a little slower in getting there. But they end up where liberals are. Scozzafava has screwed every RINO in the country. We could say she’s guilty of widespread bestiality. She has screwed every RINO in the country. Everyone can see just how phony and dangerous they are.

You know, 2010 might be a nightmare for PETA, two animals may become extinct, RINOs and Blue Dog Democrats. Pelosi’s going to kill off the Blue Dogs, and conservatives are gonna finally get rid of RINOs. The American people have had enough. They want government out of their lives. They want disposable income, they want a burgeoning, growing economy with opportunity; they want their own doctors; they want cars not made by bureaucrats and public servants.


RUSH: You know, it is hilarious to look at the pictures coming out of New Jersey with these signs at Corzine rallies: ‘Obama-Corzine.’ Obama’s name on top, top billing! Obama-Corzine. Now, Chris Christie has got a slight lead, but, folks, these polls, I don’t even… In New Jersey, in Virginia, New York-23: Vote. The bottom line is: Show up and vote. You need to understand that you need to vote tomorrow. These polls are all well and good but now is not the time to assume victory. And in New Jersey, I mean, ACORN and the boys are just getting started on the fraud going on there. I mean, it’s going to be bad. If Christie pulls this out, it is going to be amazing. If Corzine wins, if he wins by not much… There’s a lot up for grabs tomorrow and it’s important to get out there and vote. Even if…

Well, even if the other side is going to try to vote twice, have dead people vote, their dogs vote, or what have you. New York-23 is about the United States of America. There is money coming into that race from all over the country. We are all New York-23. And what Dede Scozzafava has done is, like I tell you, a godsend, Because now, more than ever, everybody can identify just who RINO Republicans are.

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