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RUSH: Ford Motor Company has posted a $1 billion profit: ‘Ford Reports Surprise $1 Billion Profit.’ The only auto company in America not run by Obama and not bailed out. I want to take you back to March 30th of this year, me on this show.

RUSH ARCHIVE: But as we stand here now, Obama doesn’t have a way into the Ford Motor Company that he has with the others ’cause they didn’t take any bailout money. So if I’m Ford, if I’m Mr. Mulally, what I do is I look at what Obama — and you can find it in his book, you can find what he thinks of the auto industry in his book, you can find his hatred for the SUV. You can find in his book in 2006, I think, you can find exactly what kind of cars he thinks Detroit ought to build, the cars that are going to have to be forced on people, the cars that people are not buying en masse of their own volition. So if I run Ford, I see what General Motors and Chrysler are going to be forced to manufacture and I go the other way, as far as I can, anyway, within the bounds of these stupid CAFE standards.

RUSH: I don’t know if that’s what Ford did, but certainly it would have been a brilliant competitive move to go the opposite way of the Obama motor companies. AP story: ‘Ford Reports Surprise $1 Billion Profit. Automaker now expects to be solidly profitable in 2011.’ But then you get halfway down the story: ‘But Ford still faces obstacles in its turnaround. Last week workers overwhelmingly rejected an agreement with the United Auto Workers that would have brought Ford’s labor costs in line with rivals General Motors and Chrysler. Workers objected to clauses limiting their right to strike and freezing entry-level wages and felt the company was healthy enough and didn’t need further concessions.’ So this headline, ‘Ford Reports Surprise $1 Billion Profit’ needs to be rewritten: ‘Ford Surprises by Having a Profit. Angry unions vow to redouble efforts to sink the automaker.’


RUSH: One thing about Ford. I made a joke here, rewriting the headline on the Ford story. Let me tell you something. I’m dead serious. This union is intent on bankrupting Ford so that the government takes it over, too. Make no mistake. Ford reporting profitability, that’s a giant bull’s-eye that they’ve painted on itself. And I would be remiss if I didn’t make an observation. You know, it’s all well and good to say what Ford did in the competitive market against Chrysler and General Motors. But in truth, it’s more about what the American consumer did. The American consumer rejected with their dollars the Obama auto management team. It was another example of Americans voting with their feet, just as it is in New York-23. People did. They said, ‘Okay, you get two bailed out companies there run by Obama? I’m going to go buy something else.’ I think this is a large part of what is happening.

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