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RUSH: Bill in Riverton, Illinois. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: Yes. Hello, Rush.


CALLER: Thank you for taking my call. I was calling today —

RUSH: This guy’s got an amazing set of pipes.

CALLER: Yeah. Thank you. I was calling today in reference to the swine flu shots that we’ve been promised those for a year now, that they’d have them for us. We still don’t have them, all that we need, and I’m one of those that haven’t even been able get my regular flu shot. They’ve been out of that vaccine here in central Illinois. But yet people like Nancy Pelosi and Obama, they want us to believe that the government health program is going to take care of our operations or pills or doctors and supply all that, and they can’t even, with a year’s notice, get us the flu shots.

RUSH: Yeah. I’ve been studying this myself. In fact, I’m prepared for your call. I really admire your pipes.

CALLER: Well, I’m available —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: — to go to work.

RUSH: Look, you’re probably wondering why there’s no outrage about this.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: And it’s because there’s a Democrat in the White House. If this were George W. Bush and this vaccine shortage were happening it would be all you’d be hearing about, but they gotta protect the little man-child. They got to protect Barry. They have to protect him from this. There’s a great story in the New York Post today about this bill from Robert Goldberg. He’s vice president of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest. ‘The shortage of swine-flu vaccine results not from drug-company greed –‘ wow, I thought everything was the result of big corporate greed. No, ‘The shortage of swine-flu vaccine results not from drug-company greed or outsize demand but almost entirely from the government’s decision to pander to unfounded and unscientific fear. As The Wall Street Journal reported last week, the US government set out to have the H1N1 vaccine produced largely in single-dose syringes — a demand that has set back production considerably, because multidose vials are far easier to make.’

So once again — your instincts are right, Bill — once again we see what happens when government makes business decisions and then they blame the manufacturer for not having high enough yields of the vaccine. They no doubt changed demands after the manufacturer said they could do what they wanted and so forth. ‘The only reason to seek single-dose production was to please people needlessly worried about the preservative thimerosal, which is used to provide multiple doses of the vaccine. The fear — utterly groundless and repeatedly debunked — is that thimerosal can cause autism and other neurological disorders in infants and other young children. If not for that decision, we’d have more than enough vaccine. Instead, because the government yielded to pressure from antivaccine fringe groups, we’re behind the curve on protecting millions of children from swine flu.’

So this guy, Goldberg, is blaming the anti-vaccine fringe. I don’t know that I would do that, but I think he’s right, this autism theory has been debunked. But the bottom line here, the bottom line, folks, is that this was a hysteria that Obama created, the media hyped, and they failed to meet their own expectations. This ought to be their Katrina. This ought to be Obama’s Katrina. This is no different than FEMA supposedly screwing up and not getting down there in time to New Orleans. But they have to protect the little man-child. And so, yeah, they’ll spread the hysteria, and then they’ll make it look like the drug companies are evil and don’t care about people and want them to die.

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