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“The Republican Party is a big-tent party. You know what the tent covers? The country.”

“Obama’s now making robocalls for Corzine. He’s on your TV, he’s on the Internet, he’s in magazines, he’s on the radio. I would think that the last thing you’d want is for your phone to ring and the voice on the other endbe Obama, because, damn it, folks, he’s everywhere!”

“This is where conservative Americans are drawing the line: New York 23. This is where we are fighting. This is where we will take a stand against both the liberal wing of the Republican Party and Obama and the Democrat Party.”

“I don’t know how Obama, the Democrats, and the State-Controlled Media canspin the outcome of today’s elections as some great achievement for Obama and his socialist agenda. They’re going to try, but it will require the worst kind of propaganda and deceit to pull it off.”

“Our Democrat buddies will tell us who they really fear, and I’ll tell you right now who they really fear is Sarah Palin. They have done everything in their power to destroy her — but they haven’t.”

“All this business about centrists and moderates abandoning the party… Do you really think David Plouffe gives a rat’s rear end about the health of the Republican Party? Do you really think Obama, Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel and David Plouffe sit around and say, ‘Boy, we’d really hate to see the Republican Party destroy itself’?”

“Number nine moderate moment in GOP history: Bush-Quayle ’92. The number eight moderate moment GOP history: Dole-Kemp ’96. The number seven most moderate moment in Republican history: Ford-Dole ’76. See a pattern here?”

“Speaking of big tents, let’s count all of the pro-lifers in the Democrat Party. What happens to them? You know, this big tent stuff… throw it right back in their faces.”

“Story: ‘Tuesday’s three big races are in no way a referendum on the president, said Robert Gibbs.’ Oh, no. We just sent Biden up to NY-23 to get him out of town. We just sent Obama in to New Jersey for Corzine because he secretly had a date with Michelle in downtown Newark.”

“I think Obama heard every word Reverend Wright said in those sermons. I think Reverend Wright is President Obama. Did you hear that, Mr. Matthews? I’ll say it a little louder: Reverend Wright is President Obama.”

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