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RUSH: Obama’s not a narcissist, he’s not a narcissist. He watched a documentary about him while the election returns were coming in last night. That’s what Bob Gibbs tells us.

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Folks, I would be embarrassed if somebody put together a documentary about me the way this has been put together about him. I mean it is godlike. But I have a question. He’s the president. This thing aired live last night at nine o’clock on HBO, you mean to tell me that they didn’t send him a screener copy or a preview copy? You mean to tell me he had to wait to see this thing? I, frankly, folks, can’t believe that he hadn’t seen it and didn’t help in having the whole thing put together, ’cause it’s the most fawning. If a documentary could get anal poisoning, this one could. I mean it’s just kiss butt, kiss butt, kiss butt all over the place, and here he’s watching it, he’s watching a one-year-old version of himself and events? This is like Citizen Kane alone in the 45,000-square-foot mansion sitting in front of the 500-square-foot fireplace drinking brandy as his empire is crumbling all around him and thinking he’s having a good time. I mean this just weird. It’s just weird.

He doesn’t have time to decide on Afghanistan, doesn’t have time to go to Berlin, but he did have enough time to campaign for Democrats in various states who lost anyway. And, by the way, he did not go to New York where the Democrat won. The one place Obama didn’t go is where the Democrat won. Virginia was a landslide. It was not just the governor’s race. It was all the way down the ticket. All the major candidates’ numbers in Virginia were almost identical to each other. This was about the lack of coattails, the lieutenant governor, few points lower since he was incumbent, but basically McDonnell, the lieutenant governor, the attorney general got the same percentage of the vote. There’s no question it was anti-Obama coattails working its way down the ticket.

Now, I was waiting for this. Axelrod has spoken out. CBSNews.com: ‘As Barack Obama marks one year since his historic election, one of the architects of his campaign acknowledges the president has not forged the post-partisan atmosphere that he had hoped to achieve. Senior Adviser David Axelrod said the president ‘is not a magician. You don’t with a wave of a wand make everything different.’ The top White House aide said while the president has ‘extended a hand of cooperation, some in the other party made a political decision that isn’t in their interest.’ … ‘There’s an awful lot of pressure from the right wing of the Republican party that has made it more difficult for moderate Republicans to step forward,” and join us. (laughing) Wait a minute, though. He was The Messiah. He was the one we were all waiting for: the hope, the change, post-partisan, post-racial. Now it’s even post-accomplishment because there isn’t any of that, either. (laughing) So now it’s my fault; it’s right-wing Republicans.

Meanwhile, you know, I’ve talked to Mitch McConnell, I’ve talked to John Boehner, they can’t get a meeting with the president. He’s not talking to Republicans. I guess that’s my fault. And remember when Boehner did go up there with the congressional leadership back in February, Obama said, (paraphrasing) ‘You gotta stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, that’s not how things get done in this town.’ His defense secretary can’t get a meeting, McChrystal can’t get a meeting. He’s watching a documentary about himself. He’s not a narcissist.


RUSH: My friends, do not ever doubt me. I expressed incredulity moments ago when I heard that Obama did not watch election returns last night because he was watching himself, an HBO documentary on his campaign and election. And I said to myself, ‘This doesn’t make any sense. He’s president! He doesn’t have to wait for this thing to air live. He’d get a screener copy of it.’ I said, ‘To hell with that. He probably had a role in approving the damn thing.’ Talking Points Memo, a lib blog, November 1st, 6:17 p.m. ‘White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says Obama has already seen ‘By the People,’ produced and directed by Alicia Sams and Amy Rice, and backed by actor Edward Norton. Gibbs told TPMDC Obama’s review: ‘Thumbs up!”

Now, this is November 4th. Last night was November 3rd. Gibbs told us that Obama was watching himself last night, but we know that he’s already seen the damn thing. Oh, of course he wasn’t watching the returns! He didn’t care about that. He watched a rerun about himself. If that’s what happened — if he actually did, he watched a rerun to see if the version that aired live was the same one that they had sent him — and can you imagine? He’s probably watching the rerun, ‘Boy, boy, do I look good! Do I look good!’ Do we buy any of this? He was watching himself? Why would Gibbs say it? Even if he was doing it, do you realize…? Why announce on election night you’re president of the United States you would put it all on the line. The signs in New Jersey have your name above Corzine’s, you flew in there — and you don’t care? You’re not interested? You are watching yourself?


RUSH: We have had people here going through the Barack Obama documentary, called combat pay, and we put together a little montage here. The documentary is entitled By the People: The Election of Barack Obama. From the film November 7th, 2006, during the midterm elections here is a montage of Obama and Robert Gibbs talking about the returns.

OBAMA: Do they have a count on the House seats yet?

GIBBS: That’s the only one was a pick up. Though (unintelligible) in Louisville is up with 96%–

OBAMA: That’s what I’m talking about.

GIBBS: Yeah, but they haven’t called it.

OBAMA: My goal is every candidate I campaign for I want to win, every single one. I love elections. It’s so much fun. It’s even more fun when you’re not on the ballot.

RUSH: My goal is every candidate I campaign for I want to win. Ah. Ah. And that was in the documentary that aired last night. I guess it doesn’t apply anymore to Corzine as Bob Beckel called him.

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