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RUSH: Folks, there are some people who are saying that the incident at Fort Hood is just another glaring illustration of why we need gun control in the United States. Why we need gun control. If you are one of these people who think that the lesson of the Fort Hood massacre is gun control, may I remind you…? As Jay Nordlinger posts at National Review Online today: Yeah, yeah, right an Army base is no place for weapons. Right? Gun control on an Army base? Guess who was unarmed? There are 300 unarmed soldiers that were packed into cubicles in there with five-foot-high dividers. It was a cop, a 5’2′ woman who took out the shooter. What a gutsy woman, a 5’2′ local cop, ’cause these soldiers were unarmed on their own base. That makes a lot of sense, right? Gun control the lesson of this? Ha. I mean, that is just typical liberal knee-jerk, blindness, template, doesn’t see the truth right in front of their eyes. Just amazing.

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