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“Single-issue politics is just deadly. I mean, are pro-lifers all supposed to support the health care bill because it has this Stupak amendment?”

“‘Why did he do it? Why did he do it?’ I cannot believe I’ve been hearing that question all weekend. Why did a Muslim in touch with Al-Qaeda open fire on US military personnel? Why did he do it? I tell you something, folks: political correctness is going to lead to our downfall.”

“If we cede 2010, you can kiss the country good-bye as you know it. There won’t be an uprising. Entitlements just don’t get canceled. You’ve got to stop them before they happen.”

“You ask me how I avoid going insane. Understand that there are some people who think I am insane. None that know me — don’t misunderstand. But there are people who think I am.”

“Folks, the Drive-Bys are bending over backwards, searching for any rationale for the murders at Fort Hood. But, actually, they’re not looking for a rationale — they’re using the tragedy to justify their own personal claptrap.”

“Story: ‘Jennifer Jenner, who works at Starz using the stage name Paige, said that Hasan bought a lap dance from her two nights in a row.’ This is a pious Muslim here, gang.”

“Over 17 years ago, Neal Boortz said to me, ‘If I ever am inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, will you present me?’ And I said, ‘Sure, be happy to,’ never thinking it would happen. Ahem.”

“Sally Messy Rafael wormed her way in as my presenter at the Radio Hall of Fame. Look, I was still naive at the time. And she had this big grin on her face… Short little twerp.”

“‘We can’t jump to conclusions, Mr. Limbaugh, about Maj. Hasan! We really must be very, very careful here in deciding how we characterize this!’ Well, I don’t remember Obama not jumping to conclusions when he pronounced the cops up in Cambridge ‘stupid’ in the Gates case.”

“How in hell don’t you mention Margaret Thatcher on this day, either? But that’s Obama: everything is about him.”

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