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Rush’s Morning Update: Four Days
November 10, 2009

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Last Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee voted to strip the Patriot Act of a provision allowing the government to spy on people who aren’t linked to known terrorist groups– the so-called lone wolf provision. It was a party-line vote; all the Democrats voted to strip it.

Last Thursday, a “lone wolf” shouted his allegiances to Allah…and opened fire. When the Fort Hood carnage was over, 13 people were murdered and 30 more injured, making it the deadliest mass murder on a military base in our history.

Last Friday, unemployment in America hit 10.2 percent, coming in higher than the expertsexpected. This, after Democrats in Congress spent almost a trillion dollars in so-called stimulus(including the pork),and after Obama said unemployment would not top 8 percent. This news followed the Obama White House touting an internal report –full of misleading hype– over jobs they’ve “created” or “saved.”

Last Saturday, House Democrats cheeredafter securing a vote to destroy the best health care delivery system in the worldand replace it with a massive, big government, trillion-plus-dollar job-killing monstrosity.

And this. On Sunday, Obama’s chief of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, speaking to students in the United Arab Emirates,assured them thather agency is hard at work to prevent any anti-Muslim backlash in response to the Ford Hood rampage. That’s right:to Democrats, we bigoted Americansare the problem.

So I ask again: How’s that hope and change working out for everybody? Hmm?

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