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RUSH: I want to go back to Obamacare here. Bill Clinton today met with Senate Democrats at a lunch at their caucus to talk about health care. There’s a key development here based on the election results in New Jersey and Virginia, and Obama got it started last Friday. When Obama went out there and he’s talking up the House Democrats, he said to them, ‘You’re going to be in bigger trouble if you don’t pass this than if you do. Don’t worry about these extremists voting against you,’ meaning Republicans. ‘You are going to have more trouble being reelected if you don’t pass health care than if you do.’ Clinton is up there at the Senate today telling Democrat senators same thing, and he’s aiming at two of them particularly and one especially: Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas, his own home state where his Library and Massage Parlor happens to be (which also got stimulus money, by the way, I think for the poles in the nightclub).

And the other Senator is Ben Nelson in Nebraska and to a lesser extent Mary Landrieu in Louisiana. Those are the targets here for what Clinton is trying to say. And the message that Clinton is delivering is that he lost the House to Republicans in 1994 because he did not get health care passed. Now, they’re up there — Obama and Clinton, and Reid and Pelosi — lying to these Democrats. They are signing their own reelection defeat certificate if they vote for this. The dirty little secret is Obama doesn’t care, and Pelosi doesn’t care, particularly if she is able to chip off some Blue Dog Democrats. Because the objective here is to get this passed. They will give up seats to get this passed. I cannot impress upon you enough just how overridingly important this is. It’s all that matters right now. They’re going to pull out all the stops to get this done even to the point of losing a majority in the House if it comes to that.

‘Cause they think they’ll get it back at some point. As I said earlier: Obama wouldn’t even mind, I don’t think, a Republican majority in the House in 2010, ’cause he could run against them in 2012 using the traditional playbook they use aided or abetted by the sycophants in the State-Controlled Media. He’s ‘expected to speak to Senate Democrats about health care legislation during their weekly caucus today,’ it’s Bill Clinton up there and he’s going to say, (doing Clinton impression) ‘I lost the House because we didn’t pass it. That’s why the Republicans took over — and if we’d have just passed my health care bill, if we’d a held on, none of that House changeover would have happened.’ Interestingly, from yesterday, Public Policy Polling. I often cite these clowns — or these guys. They’re from North Carolina. They are obviously left-wing pollsters, and the guy that posts this.

Let’s see… Well, I don’t have his name here, but nevertheless here’s what he writes: ‘Here’s my take aways,’ after explaining the polling on this. ‘The mere specter of a health care bill has gotten Republicans fired up to go vote next year and they’re going to do it whether one passes or not. But Democrats might stay at home, like they did this year, without’ health care being passed. ‘Democratic voters need to see that getting control of Washington accomplished something for them to be motivated to get out there next year and keep control of Washington. At this point the political fallout for Democrats from not passing a health care bill is worse than the fallout from passing one. The damage is done with Republicans, is it going to get done with Democrats as well?’

So everybody that can motivate or manipulate opinion of elected officials on the Democrat side is now in gear trying to tell them, ‘If you don’t pass this, if you don’t pass health care, you will not stand a chance of being reelected because your base won’t show up. But if you do pass this, then the Republicans don’t have a prayer because your base are excited. Your base can’t wait for health care, your base will show up and congratulate you and vote for your reelection. No matter what happens, the Republicans are already lined up against you,’ and they’re factoring in fewer people identify themselves as Republicans than as Democrats. They’re ignoring that 40% of Americans identify themselves as ‘conservatives’ and 20% identify themselves as ‘liberals.’ So they’re very flawed in their outlook here, and they know it.

There’s another aspect to this health care. Do you remember what it was that defeated Clintoncare? Well, there are a lot of things about it that people didn’t like. But there were two things that people learned, that senior citizens learned. There were going to be some Medicare cuts and tax increases — and when the senior citizens found out about that it was, ‘Katie, bar the door!’ The thing had no prayer. The same thing exists in this bill, only it’s worse. The Medicare cuts in this bill are $500 billion! They’re half a trillion dollars, let’s put it that way. The Medicare cuts in the House bill are half a trillion dollars. The tax increases are on everybody above $44,000 a year. People do not know this. The jail provision, the $250,000 fine? This is Clintoncare on steroids. And when and if people find out about it, it’s going to have just as devastating an affect.

The difference now, the difference now is that Clinton was concerned with public opinion putting him over the finish line. Remember the Hillary bus tour that started in Seattle and we derailed somewhere in Texas. Clinton was concerned with public opinion putting him over the top. Obama doesn’t care! Pelosi doesn’t care! They don’t care that only 42% support this. They don’t care that 52 to 56% oppose it. They don’t care, because as far as they’re concerned you can’t stop them. You can’t vote ’em out of office before they vote. You can send mail, you can send e-mail, you can do whatever you want. It’s not gonna matter. They’re doing this in spite of what you want. They’ve been trying to get this done since FDR — and, again, it’s not about health care. It is about one thing, fundamentally, and then the offshoots of this are even more hideous.

But the primary thing this is about is the redistribution of wealth, which will result for the first time in well over a majority of Americans being fully dependent on Washington for their existence. With the Democrats in charge of Washington, the theory is that no voter will ever vote against the government that is providing for him or her — and therefore, Democrats will be in power in perpetuity. That is the thing that is driving this: The redistribution of wealth, the cutting the country down to size, the taking as much of the private sector away from the private sector as they can and putting it under government control, making you dependent on government not the private sector for our prosperity — well, there won’t be any ‘prosperity,’ but for your existence. Now, the more hideous offshoots of this are that when they have this kind of power that makes you totally dependent, I mean, it’s real power.

They can tell you when you can and can’t use a cell phone, when you can and can’t do this, what you can and can’t eat, where you can and can’t go, what you can and can’t weigh. They can send you off to some reeducation camp if you don’t lose weight. They can do any number of things — and they can’t wait to do this! They exist for the exercise of power. They are chomping at the bit for this. They also ideologically believe that this is the only way a society can be made ‘equal,’ and that is to be equally miserable. But they really believe that. They really believe that government in charge of the distribution of wealth, with a command-and-control economy is the only way to make sure that it’s fair across the countryside, that everybody has the same amount of everything, that nobody has anything more or less than anybody else. Of course, this has been tried throughout human history. It never works. It ends up with everybody in poverty.

It ends up with an oligarchy of wealthy people in the government, and they make rules for everybody but themselves, and it takes revolutions to end that. Now, when it has been tried around the world during the existence of the United States the United States (up until now) was right in there helping people who wanted to overthrow the situation they were in. We stood for freedom. We stood for liberty around the world. Because we knew that if we didn’t stand for it around the world, we would eventually lose it for ourselves. We now have an administration that doesn’t care a whit about that. That liberty and freedom is what leads to inequality, discrimination, bigotry, all of these things that the left claims to despise. So if you take the United States out of the game as the lone bastion of freedom, there’s nobody to help us when the time comes. We’re it. And there’s nobody to help the oppressed of the world, either. It’s deadly, deadly serious stuff here, folks.

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