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RUSH: Speaking of Obama, the songs continue. Now from the World Wildlife Fund website. Part of their Act for Our Future campaign. We have three sound bites here of one video of children of World Wildlife Fund staffers calling for Obama to attend the UN climate summit in Copenhagen.

BOY: The world’s top scientists agree that climate change is the most —
GIRL: — serious threat to ever face our planet.
GIRL: It’s coming faster and hitting harder than expected.
GIRL: Droughts and floods and hurricanes are getting worse!
GIRL: It’s affecting our water supply —
GIRL: — and our ability to grow crops.
BOY: America the beautiful might not be so beautiful anymore.
BOY: Important ecosystems like the Amazon and the Arctic —
BOY: — will be damaged forever.
BOY: Really cool animals like polar bears —
GIRL: — and walruses will lose their habitat.
GIRL: We’re pushing our planet past the point of no return.

RUSH: ‘Really cool animals like polar bears and walruses…’ There’s a story here, some kid and his 67-year-old uncle were out there on an ice floe with their snowmobiles hunting. Their snowmobile broke down and they found themselves confronted by a large polar bear, and it ‘cool,’ cute animal, the polar bear, and the 16-year-old kid killed the polar bear. The 16-year-old kid shot and murdered the polar bear! It didn’t take global warming, it took a bullet — or some shot. I don’t know what the weapon was. And then, after all of that, after all of that, other human beings had the nerve to rescue the kid! The kid should have been left to die on the ice floe because in the normal environmental circumstance the polar bear would have killed the kid, but the kid killed the polar bear. And they had the audacity and the nerve to go out there and rescue that kid and his 67-year-old uncle! Where are our priorities? Here these little kids at the World Wildlife Fund are being told to recite lyrics about walruses and ‘really cool animals like polar bears’ will lose their habitat. No, they’re losing their lives because of 16-year-old kids like this going out armed. Ahem. They had the audacity to rescue the kid instead of just leaving him there. They should have rescued the polar bear and tried to save it, if they had their priorities right. There is hope, though. For all of these calamities, ladies and gentlemen, there’s hope. It’s called ‘Copenhagen.’

GIRL: But, there is hope.
GIRL: In December…
GIRL:192 countries …
GIRL: … will gather …
GIRL: … at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen.
GIRL: That’s in Denmark.
BOY: Copenhagen is the best chance we have …
GIRL: … to come together and help save the planet.
GIRL: We must act quickly …
GIRL: … with great courage and conviction.
GIRL: We have to be brave right now.
GIRL: The rest of the world is ready.
GIRL: Germany.
GIRL: Mexico.
GIRL: Bangladesh.
GIRL: Japan.
GIRL: India.
GIRL: France.
GIRL: Brazil.
GIRL: And China. They want to find a way to save the planet from devastating climate change.
BOY: So why would the United States stand in everybody else’s way?
GIRL: I don’t know.

RUSH: That’s children of the World Wildlife Fund staffers in a video on the World Wildlife Fund website. I mean, this is… (sigh) These people are using their own kids, brainwashing their own kids for the advancement of a hoax! Using and brainwashing their own kids about a lie, all for the purpose of advancing a policy that’s going to result in restricted freedom for these kids! They’ll have no chance at prosperity because of high energy taxes. Here’s the final installment, ladies and gentlemen, and in this installment, the kids beg Obama to go.

GIRL: President Barack Obama, please.
GIRL: Please.
BOY: Please.
GIRL: We need you, President Obama …
GIRL: … to go to Copenhagen.
GIRL: It’s right here, Mr. P’wesident.
GIRL: We need you to be there to help America be a leader.
GIRL: A leader.
GIRL: To find the answer …
GIRL: … to save the polar bears …
GIRL: … the walruses, and the planet.
GIRL: We are counting on you.
GIRL: We’re counting on you.
GIRL: All of us.
GIRL: My entire generation is counting on you.
GIRL: Counting on you.
GIRL: Counting on you.
GIRL: Do you think he knows how to get to Copenhagen?

RUSH: The whole thing runs — let me add it. Thirty-two, 30, 40, 70 seconds, about 200 seconds, so a little over three minutes. I think these people ought to be ashamed. I don’t think they have the capacity for being ashamed. Polar bears dying! It’s not true.

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