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Rush’s Morning Update: Evil Embrace
November 12, 2009

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This week, we witnessed the memorial for fallen members of the military targeted at Fort Hood. We also celebrated Veterans Day,and we are now learning of another recent event”honoring” military members.

To celebrate Halloween this year, President Obama invited children of those in the armed forces to a special “trick or treat” event at the White House. Also invited were children of White House staff members, and 2,000 Washington, DC elementary skrool kids. Here’s what took place a block away from the White Housewhile those children waited in line to enter:

Members of the radical leftist group Code Pinkparaded in front of the children, wearing costumes. They were dressed as so-called zombie soldiers who were killed in combatand “ghosts of war victims.” One of the zombie soldiers was dressed in military fatigues with a bloody bandage around her head. She held a black cutout of a rifle, and carried a sign which read, “The White House is haunted by the ghosts of Bush’s war.”

A Code Pink press release, published on their website, acknowledged that they were intentionally targeting military families with their protest. Note that Code Pink’s co-founder, Jodie Evans, is reportedly one ofObama’s top fundraisers.

Now, it’s one thing to protest a war. It’s something altogether different to target the children of parents who courageously serve our country. I mean, it’s children!

There are some evilsthat defy words, and Code Pink…has embraced one of thoseevils. It’s amazing.

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