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RUSH: Lake City, Tennessee. This is Judy, and you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: I love you, Rush. Don’t ever leave us. I want to tell you, I was turned on by my favorite aunt to you. She was one of the first women in uniform, she worked on the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge that ended World War II, so happy Veterans Day to you, Clara Zellager in Oak Ridge, but also this is a second terrorist attack. That extreme Muslim that attacked the recruitment office in Arkansas and then Fort Hood has been attacked, and when 9/11 happened, I still have a picture in my mind of President Bush standing on that pile of rubble and saying, ‘The men that did this, the people that did this, they will hear from us.’ He didn’t blame the CIA, he didn’t blame the FBI, he didn’t blame the previous administration like that big air, big mouth, big ego we have in the White House now. He just said, ‘We’ll make the people that did this pay.’ And here we’ve had two attacks in eight months while Obama is there, and for the seven-and-a-half years after 9/11 we were not attacked again, and I love President Bush, and I thank him for that, and I thank all of our veterans for their service, and I have a son in Afghanistan right now, and I hope they all stay safe.

RUSH: God bless you. I don’t need to add one comment to what you said.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Don’t ever leave us.

RUSH: Oh. I’m not going anywhere ’til every American agrees with me, which probably will be never, which means I’ll be around forever.

CALLER: Well, I hope so. And listen, being called a teabagger by that scumbag Bill Clinton I wear as a badge of honor.

RUSH: (laughing) She’s on a roll. Well, you know — (laughing) — teabagger — that scumbag. (laughing) That’s funny. (laughing) Badge of honor to be called a teabagger by a scumbag. (laughing) You know, Obama has also called you a teabagger.

CALLER: Well, I don’t listen to him. I can’t stand to look at him. I turn him off every time he comes on. But, you know, I like to keep it on a positive note. And I love all the veterans, I’ve got my flag out, I love my aunt. She’s 90 years old. She was one of the first women in uniform, and we have a beautiful picture of her wearing her WACs uniform. That’s what they called them then. And she’s just an inspiration to me, and she turned me on to you, so she has to be always right.

RUSH: Well, God bless you. You know, I have experience with the WACs. My first and only year in college I was required, required to take as a physical education course ballroom dancing taught by a former drill sergeant in the WACs.

CALLER: Well, you know, could I point out one thing, we have people in Oak Ridge that know how to do nuclear research. And I heard a couple weeks ago that Obama is giving stimulus money nuclear research to the historic black colleges. We’ve got people in Oak Ridge being laid off that know how to do nuclear research. That’s where the money needs to go, to people who know what they’re doing. And I’d just like to point out that Oak Ridge, you know, everybody needs to keep them in their thoughts and prayers, and we’re all for nuclear research and we need more nuclear energy.

RUSH: We do. Thank you, Judy, so much. I’ve got the story here. New York Times business blog: ”Electricity for Americans from Russia’s Old Nuclear Weapons’ — For about 10 percent of electricity in the United States, it’s fuel from dismantled nuclear bombs, including Russian ones. ‘It’s a great, easy source’ of fuel, said Marina V. Alekseyenkova, an analyst at Renaissance Capital and an expert in the Russian nuclear industry that has profited from the arrangement since the end of the cold war. But if more diluted weapons-grade uranium isn’t secured soon, the pipeline could run dry, with ramifications for consumers.’ I wonder how many people would be shocked to know that 10% of our electricity comes from old nuclear bombs, including those from the Soviet Union.


RUSH: Folks, we have reached a tipping point in vulgarity, perhaps. President Clinton has once again demeaned himself by using a phrase describing a perverse sexual act, ‘teabagging,’ as an attack and slur on Americans he used to lead! We’re talking about Americans who do not engage in vulgar sexual acts, as President Clinton has engaged in. If anybody’s close to being a teabagger, it’s President Clinton. These are people who are standing on the shoulders of original patriots, those who led the revolt of attacks on tea which preceded the American Revolution — and that’s the problem. The tea parties are protests by Americans who object to an intrusive government, a government which is confiscating private property under the threat of punishment, incarceration.

These people — you people, you tea partiers, people like me, Sarah Palin — we have to be destroyed, we represent something very dangerous, individualism, American exceptionalism. There’s some serious irony at play here. Americans who object to Central Planning, a loss of liberty, and unreasonable taxes are demeaned by an impeached former president using a sexually perverse phrase who, as a married man, had an affair with an intern, an affair that became famous for the creative use of a cigar, phone sex, and semen on a blue dress! And he’s out there calling us teabaggers! Here we have a sexual predator, Bill Clinton, hailed by the left for these sexual perversions, using a vulgar sexual phrase against law-abiding Americans exercising the constitutional rights President Clinton once swore to uphold.

Courageous, ironic, deeply disappointing. Of course, this demonstrates the esteemed President Clinton and anyone else who uses that vulgar phrase has for their audience. We have no evidence that Democrats are offended by anybody using the phrase teabagging, but Macaca? Oh-ho-ho! Macaca? We gotta drive George Allen outta politics! He used the word Macaca! But President Clinton can run around and call us teabaggers without consequence? Yeah, Clinton talked to the Democrats yesterday. He urged them to… He turned them into the kamikaze party yesterday. Bill Clinton treated the Democrat senators as kamikaze pilots. He ordered them to get in their Japanese zeros and fly them into the nearest aircraft carrier. Clinton said (doing impression), ‘Yeah, yeah, you know, the reason the teabaggers are so inflamed is because we’re winning.’ We have sound bites. This is President Clinton after he spoke with the Democrats. A reporter said, ‘What did you tell ’em in there?’

CLINTON: The worst thing to do is nothing. One of the things that I think most Americans don’t know is that under all versions of this, everybody that already has health insurance not only knows they can’t lose it now, but they get to keep their kids on the insurance policy ’til they’re 26 years old. There’s more for mammograms, more for prostate cancer. There are a whole range of insurance reforms where the benefits flow immediately as we work up toward universal coverage and work out the financing and the costs and all that. It’s not important to be perfect here; it’s important to act, to move, to start the ball rolling, to claim the evident advantages that all these plans agree with.

RUSH: Well, now, in addition to none of that being true, there is a big contradiction here. He says, ‘We gotta get going. Pass it now. Pass whatever you can. Just pass it.’ Here, listen to the next bite, and then I’ll give you my analysis.

CLINTON: That’s up to them to decide. The opposition has already been generated. But if the support gets disenchanted and the turnout goes down and you — the surveys don’t mean anything, puts you at a structural disadvantage. So I think — I think it is good politics to pass this, and pass it as soon as they can. But I think the most important thing is it is the right thing for America. The worst thing to do is nothing.

RUSH: No, no! In fact, the best thing to do right now would be nothing. Nothing equals stopping this. Stopping this, stopping this equals doing nothing right now. Then we can do our own reforms. We don’t need to do this now. But Clinton wants this done now. Just do it, do it — and every year, add on! Every year, amend it, every year add something else, every year, then you get to universal this and get to universal that, and you get the public option. You gotta do it, gotta do it now. Why? Seems to me Clinton should understand this. Clinton went in there, and he told these Democrats that the only way they’re going to keep their seats is if they pass health care. There have been three stages of Clinton. When he lost health care in ’93, ’94, he blamed on we went to too much, too soon, one big basket.

Then he blamed it on the Republicans in Congress. He blamed it on three different things, but he didn’t blame anything on the fact he didn’t get it passed. Not once did he say, ‘The Republicans were elected because I didn’t pass health care.’ The truth is, the Republicans were elected for a host of reasons, among them Bill Clinton tried for health care, used Hillary to do it, and nobody liked her. So now all of a sudden Obama goes up and talks to the Democrats in the House, Clinton goes talks to Democrats in the Senate, and both guys tell the Democrats, ‘You’re going to be worse off if you don’t pass this. The only way that you can get reelected is to pass it. We’ve lost the Republicans. They’re ginned up, their opposition to this is clear. You gotta turn out your base. You gotta go out and vote. You gotta pass this.’

Now, if this is such a winner, if this is such a winner — if he is of such a certain mind that health care reform will be the biggest winner for Democrat candidates next year — why is he telling members of Congress to pass it now? Why not wait ’til next year, close to the elections? It will be fresh in people’s minds when they go to the polls. Because this is all predicated on the fact people want this, right? Well, the polls don’t say that, polls say most people don’t want this. The fringe Democrat base may want it, and the Democrats are going to need their base to turn out and vote for them, but this is a kamikaze party. Bill Clinton’s advising these guys to basically go out and throw themselves overboard. He’s lying to them. Obama’s lying to them.

The fact is that Clinton realizes most people are against it. So the Democrats had better pass it as soon as possible and hope that everybody forgets about it by November 2010. You know, Democrats only gave up on Hillary Care in late September in 1994. Don’t forget this. The Democrats frantically tried to distance themselves from the effort in the run-up to the elections but it was too recent. Everybody was still painfully aware what the Democrats had just tried to pull when they went to the polls. By the way, we’re supposed to believe that the Clinton-Democrat-media spin that the Democrats only got wiped out in ’94 because they didn’t pass health care reform? People just aren’t that irrational! The Democrats are, but people aren’t.

Now they’re all in for Obama. ‘Gotta get this passed! If you don’t pass this, you gonna go down in certain defeat.’ Everybody knew it was the Republicans who had stopped Hillary Care, so why would the voters turn around and reward the very party that had stopped something they wanted so badly? Do you realize the delusional state these people are in, in order to persuade their allies to get this done? If the American people in ’94 so wanted health care, why wouldn’t they have voted in still more Democrats to make sure it passed the next time around? It’s not what happened. They threw Democrats out; Republicans took control of the place for the first time in 40 years. This is revisionism. This is Orwellian, in fact. Orwellian. You know, screw Nostradamus. George Orwell called everything. He called everything. He called Newspeak, he called Big Brother, and he called history revisionism. Statists sat in there and revised history books to take out all the stuff that the statists didn’t want in there.

That is exactly what Clinton is doing now. And, by the way, ditto Hillary Clinton over there at the Brandenburg Gate. I don’t care what your politics are. How you can not mention Ronald Reagan, a former president of the United States who was instrumental in the fall of Soviet communism — how you can not mention him — and still say that you are for a unified America is beyond me. How you could go over there and you can praise the current president who was barely reaching puberty when all that happened and probably regrets that it did. You mention him. You don’t mention Thatcher. She’s right there, you know, just a couple countries away in Europe. You don’t mention Pope John Paul II, who was a huge role in it. These people, folks, they are 1984, they are Saul Alinsky. They are Abbie Hoffman. They are a sixties radical bunch, and they have finally got their arms around this country, and they’re going to run it into the ground.


RUSH: Mark in Houston. You’re next on the EIB-Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Ah, yes. Rush, thanks for having me. I’d like to say that we conservative Americans are at the mercy of a handful of Democrats, these senators that are going to have to vote here. And it’s a small few, but I know we’re going to see some Chicago policies really hard on those guys. I know they’re going to be bought. We already know the highest bid for a ‘yes’ vote is some $1.6 billion. But the only thing I have to stand up and believe in right now is that there is a couple of good old American Senators, Democrats, who are looking at this and going, ‘I’ve gotta make the biggest vote of my entire Senate career on this vote right here.’ And that’s scary, and that’s all I’ve got to believe in right now, it feels like.

RUSH: Who are the two Senators? Who are the two Senators?

CALLER: I don’t know, the Blue Dogs, call ’em what we want, but that’s all we have to go on right —

RUSH: Oh, that there would be a couple senators that will not be bought off?

CALLER: That they won’t be bought off, that they’re going to look at this and recognize this is socialism staring us in this face, the country changes direction from this vote forward, it will wreck or ruin my career but it will also wreck or ruin this country, this is a very —

RUSH: I don’t want to alarm you or anything out there, Mark, you know, I’m hear to calm, inspire, and motivate, but you’re looking for a couple of good Senators among Democrats? Ha-ha.

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