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RUSH: Let’s grab a call here. Tampa, Florida, Sam. Glad you called, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. Hello. Yeah, this is Sam in Tampa.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I think we should cut the rhetoric for one day, talking about all the stuff that bothers you or you feel. Today is Veterans Day. We should be celebrating all the men and women that have died for our freedoms. If you had ever gone to the veterans hospital in the trauma center to see young men with their limbs cut off or their head blown half apart, you would not be sitting here talking about something that doesn’t really matter. What matters are those men and women that are giving their lives. Give them the one day.

RUSH: I really don’t believe you. I am sitting here stunned. I’m smiling, but I’m stunned. You may be the most ignorant person to ever call this program. We talk about the veterans in the military every day on this program we honor them and celebrate them every day. We defend them against relentless assault from the Democrat Party throughout the Iraq war. My man, I have been to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I have visited troops wounded in battle. I am on the board of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which raises money to provide college scholarships for the children of Marines and others who are killed in action. If you had the slightest experience listening to this program, you would know that.

The ‘rhetoric’ of this program is in defense of military personnel killed at Fort Hood, and we are talking about a president who either doesn’t or refuses to recognize a genuine threat that this country faces, who is dithering in Afghanistan while three months ago the commander on the ground requested 40,000 more troops. The president of the United States made a political calculation he needed the House to pass his health care bill first before he could send the troops because he didn’t want to lose his left-wing base, which is anti-military. You need to be calling some of these libs that host radio talk shows and telling them that they need to stop the rhetoric and get a little patriotic and start supporting the troops. And then you might call CNN.

And then you might call NBC, and then you might call the Washington Post and you might call the New York Times and tell them what you just told me! Because you’re talking to the wrong guy, you doofus. Sorry. You idiot. He might not understand the word doofus. ‘We.’ What is this ‘we’? ‘We need to stop the rhetoric’? Don’t you understand, sir, the rhetoric of this program is principles, based on love of this country and trying to save it, among the many institutions and traditions that defined its greatness, including the US military. Thanks for the call, Sam. That’s a great example of a call. Happy Veterans Day to you out there, Sam. This is a great example. We used to do caller clinics in the early days of this program. That is a perfect example of a caller making the host look good. We used to have…

That’s the primary requirement of a caller, make the host look good. And many people misunderstood that. ‘Well, Limbaugh says he just wants a bunch of sycophants calling telling him how great he is.’ No. No, no, no, no. We need callers — we get them now but in the early days — that inspire even more brilliance from the host, who is the reason people are listening. Anyway, Sam, as I say happy Veterans Day out there.

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