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RUSH: This is just delightful. It’s Hardball with Chris Matthews last night. David Plouffe, the former Obama campaign manager. By the way, you know, Plouffe’s all over the place because he got a book out there, and I think book sale numbers hit today. We’ll see. Have you heard what the Huffington Post wants to do? The Huffington Post wants a separate conservative nonfiction book list, because conservatives are dominating the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list. They’re actually suggesting that they bifurcate the best-seller list and give the conservatives their own, ’cause you have Levin scorching everybody out there with his book. You got Palin coming up, who’s gonna explode. I just got my advanced powerful, influential-member-of-the-media copy of that book today. We have Beck with his books out there, Hannity and his books, my brother has his books, Andy McCarthy’s got a book coming out and all these conservative books dominate and so the Huff Post, the Huffing and Puffington Post wants the New York Times to have their own separate conservative best-seller list. (laughing) These are the people of unity! (interruption) I have no idea when I’m going to do another book, Snerdley. I really don’t. You gotta listen to Plouffe, though, because time is running out here and Matthews asks Plouffe, ‘The White House, they keep saying Limbaugh’s running the party. Is that a strategy, or is it just day-to-day tactics?’

PLOUFFE: I just think it’s a reality. The truth is that the Palin-Limbaugh-Beck wing of the party are calling many of the shots now. They purged a moderate woman out of that race in New York last week. I think they’re not going to stop there, and I think there’s plenty of Republicans outside of Washington —

RUSH: Stop the tape! ‘They’re not going to stop there.’ ‘They purged a moderate woman out of that race in New York…’ Palin and I! (laughing) Yeah, we went over there and we’re not going to stop there we went on a rampage, folks! (laughing) We’re tearing across the country and we’re ripping the heart out of moderate Republican RINOs. (laughing) I love it! If they are so afraid of us, if they think we’re such guaranteed losers they should be advocating this. Here’s the rest of what Plouffe said.

PLOUFFE: — that seem intent on trying to come up with solutions.


PLOUFFE: But Boehner and McConnell, they don’t dare cross that wing of the party, and so that’s where the energy is. Uh, and I think that’s really what the American people are faced with: A Republican Party that either doesn’t want to cooperate because of politics not principle, or they’re largely just offering warmed-over Bush policies which have been soundly rejected.

RUSH: These people, I tell you… We are Satan! We are the enemies. The American people are faced with a Republican Party that… If we’re such a minority, Mr. Plouffe, you ought to be celebrating out there. You ought to be happy. We’re turning the party into this little minor, insignificant, minority-status party. Why, you ought to be happy about that! What in the world could be wrong with that from your perspective, I wonder. Hmmm?


RUSH: You know, folks, David Plouffe… David Plouffe is worried about me and Sarah Palin traveling around the country purging the Republican Party of these moderate RINOs. That’s not what they’re worried about, me and Palin purging. Let me tell you what Plouffe, Obama, Pelosi — let me tell you what they’re worried about. They are worried that I am going to purge the Blue Dogs. They’re worried that I’m going to knock the Blue Dogs off and get them to vote against health care in the final analysis when it happens, Blue Dog Senate Democrats and so forth. They’re afraid of Blue Dogs losing elections next November. They’re not afraid. They’re not afraid… In fact, they would love if this party were taken over fully by RINOs. They’d be in perpetual power, the Democrats would.

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