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RUSH: From Reuters: ‘The White House is looking to cut its budget deficit by using some unspent funds from the US government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the Wall Street Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter.’ This is a joke, right? This is a joke? This is like you owing a big balance on your credit cards. You go out and borrow $15,000 to pay off your credit cards and think you’re out of debt. How stupid do they think we are? ‘Members of the Obama administration are still debating the idea, the paper said, adding that the administration would still like to keep some of the unspent money in case of emergencies.’ Like what, 22% employment?

You know what we need? You know, instead of one of these stupid summits out there on jobs, a job summit at the White House, which I guarantee you is going to be either a small business shake down with the unions, or it’s just a show, it’s community organizing in action: you talk about it, you talk about it, you talk about it, you come out with a optimistic press release at the end of the day and nothing happens but it’s made to look like you care. You know what kind of summit we need? We need a summit of the unemployed. That’s who Obama needs to talk to, a summit of the unemployed. Bring them to Washington and ask them what they think needs to be done here. (interruption) Well, you know, we could do that, Snerdley.

We could do a little on-air town hall unemployment summit right here on the same day he’s doing his job summit. Book it. We’re going to do that. Whenever they announce the date for this we’re going to do a full three-hour unemployment summit talking only to the unemployed, getting their ideas for what ought to happen. That’s what we’re going to do. We’ll counter it with our own, and our summit is going to be a lot bigger than theirs and our summit is going to be heard by a lot more people than theirs. And we’re not going to be able to lie about our summit because our summit’s going to take place live with no script and no teleprompter, and we’re not even going to know who the guests are. We’re just going to invite the unemployed to call.

Now, you’re going to have to cooperate with us on this day, folks, if you have a job you gotta stay away. Not that you won’t have any good ideas, we just want to talk to the unemployed. We want to find out ’cause nobody’s doing stories on these poor people. In fact, the stories we get on how wonderful it is to be unemployed, stories on how, oh, they’re coming together with their families, they’re relearning values like sharing and doing with less, oh, yeah, we’re not getting any sob stories at all. We’re getting it’s a wonderful thing to be unemployed. It’s a great thing to be laid off by Boeing. It’s better to be laid off by Boeing than to still have a job at Boeing. Who was it that reported that? Some AP, NBC, whatever it was.


RUSH: You know, I’m thinking about this reducing the deficit with some TARP money. Why don’t we just cut to the chase? Why doesn’t Obama just write a check for the entire whatever the national debt is? Just write a check for $12.5 trillion or whatever the national debt is and pay it off! Why just nibble around the edges at this? Why take five or six hundred billion dollars from TARP and apply it to the deficit? Just write a check for the whole thing. If you don’t want to go for the national debt just white a check for $12 trillion and give yourself a $200 billion surplus this year. Just write a check for it. Simple! How about a summit to figure out ways to balance a budget? You know, we’re doing a summit on jobs.

Balancing the budget that’s complex, too. Get some union leaders, left-wing bloggers in there to toss around some ideas — and then after they leave write the check, just write a check and write it off. How about a summit on what to do when a Muslim extremist jihadist is in the military doing whatever the hell he wants and maybe sending money to Pakistan? How about we do a summit on how the hell our military is being corrupted here and who knows what other institutions are being corrupted and infiltrated? And let’s do a summit or how is it that a guy can be paid $90,000 in American taxpayer dollars and be sending that money over to Al-Qaeda or whoever in Pakistan? We need a summit on that. How about, Obama, you convene a summit to better explain global warming when record cold temperatures are everywhere?

We need a summit for that, too. And this is not the first Obama summit. Back on February 23rd, 2009: ‘President Obama took a step forward toward cutting the nation’s budget deficit at a White House summit, a difficult task facing the new president a week after he signed a $1 trillion stimulus bill. At the Monday afternoon summit a bipartisan group of lawmakers economists independent experts and advocacy group representatives will discuss Social Security, health care and defense costs that have led to a projected $1.2 trillion deficit.’ These summits obviously have worked so well in the past. This budget summit when they all broke out into groups? You remember that? We laughed at them. They had groups that reported back to Obama after two or three hours of meeting and, voila! They had solved the deficit.

And look at us now. Look, I know it’s not funny, but it is… Well, it is funny. There’s no getting around the fact that this is funny based on the incompetence of it all, but it’s not incompetence that’s driving this. You and I are being played for the biggest bunch of suckers that these people think have ever trod the earth.


RUSH: Let me tell you something. Just a moment ago, I was trying to find the date in December for the jobs summit so that we could plan our unemployed summit. I couldn’t find it, but I found this buried in a Fox News story: ‘At the White House, Obama held a fiscal responsibility summit in February.’ A health care summit in March. An Afghan-Pakistan summit in May. It’s November. We still haven’t made a decision. These summits do zilch, zero, nada. They are community organizing left-wing shows. He’s also attended G20 and G8 meetings abroad as well as attended Russia, Mexico, NATO, and Americas summits. And let’s not forget the beer summit, with Skip Gates and that ‘stupid’ cop from Cambridge. Meetings, meetings, meetings, summit after summit after summit, looking busy while the country goes to hell in a handbasket.

If we need a summit in addition to our summit of the unemployed that we’re going to do here, we need a real summit where we can bring in the smartest free market economists and educate Obama on how jobs and wealth are created. Actually rather than a summit, how about Obama just do a little reading. He seems to have enough time here. Milton Friedman, Friedrich von Hayek, Adam Smith, scores of others. Maybe he could subscribe to the new conservative best-seller book list that the Huffington Post is calling for. Here’s the truth, folks. I gotta say it. I have to say it again. Obama is not open to learning and understanding. He is on a mission, and when his mission succeeds, the rest of the nation’s actions, people, the whole country fails. That’s his mission. His success is the failure of capitalism or the destruction of capitalism. What we are witnessing is a failed presidency. It’s evidenced each and every day. We are in the midst of a failed presidency. We are being led by a destructive ideologue who is on a mission, and he’s told us, to ‘remake this country.’


RUSH: I hope Obama does a summit on bikinis and invites me. I mean he’s doing a summit on everything else.

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