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RUSH: Remember a couple of days ago we had audio/video. Well, it’s actually audio, but there’s video of children of staff members at the World Wildlife Fund, a video on that website urging President Obama to go to Copenhagen and save the planet.

BOY: The world’s top scientists agree that climate change is the most…
GIRL: …serious threat to ever face our planet.
GIRL: It’s coming faster and hitting harder than expected.
GIRL: Droughts and floods and hurricanes are getting worse!
GIRL: It’s affecting our water supply…
GIRL: …and our ability to grow crops.
BOY: America the beautiful might not be so beautiful anymore.
BOY: Important ecosystems like the Amazon and the Arctic…
BOY: …will be damaged forever.
BOY: Really cool animals like polar bears —
GIRL: …and walruses will lose their habitat.
GIRL: We’re pushing our planet past the point of no return.

RUSH: These people are shameless. They are using their own kids, using their own kids, scaring their own kids for the express purpose of spreading propaganda all over the country. There are three of these. Here’s the second one.

GIRL: But, there is hope.
GIRL: In December…
GIRL: …192 countries…
GIRL: …will gather…
GIRL: …at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen.
GIRL: That’s in Denmark.
BOY: Copenhagen is the best chance we have…
GIRL: …to come together and help save the planet.
GIRL: We must act quickly…
GIRL: …with great courage and conviction.
GIRL: We have to be brave right now.
GIRL: The rest of the world is ready.
GIRL: Germany.
GIRL: Mexico.
GIRL: Bangladesh.
GIRL: Japan.
GIRL: India.
GIRL: France.
GIRL: Brazil.
GIRL: And China. They want to find a way to save the planet from devastating climate change.
BOY: So why would the United States stand in everybody else’s way?
GIRL: I don’t know.

RUSH: This is just infuriating. It’s also funny and the third thing it is is amazing. I mean these are huge libs at the World Wildlife Fund. They believe in abortion. The fact they got kids at all is shocking. The point is that these kids are being brainwashed, they’re being lied to, and then they’re being used to spread propaganda by their parents.

GIRL: President Barack Obama, please.
GIRL: Please.
BOY: Please.
GIRL: We need you, President Obama …
GIRL: … to go to Copenhagen.
GIRL: It’s right here, Mr. P’wesident.
GIRL: We need you to be there to help America be a leader.
GIRL: A leader.
GIRL: To find the answer …
GIRL: … to save the polar bears …
GIRL: … the walruses, and the planet.
GIRL: We are counting on you.
GIRL: We’re counting on you.
GIRL: All of us.
GIRL: My entire generation is counting on you.
GIRL: Counting on you.
GIRL: Counting on you.
GIRL: Do you think he knows how to get to Copenhagen?

RUSH: Yeah, wasn’t he just there? Didn’t he go to Copenhagen to try to convince the Olympic committee to bring the Olympics to Chicago? Wasn’t it Copenhagen he went to? It wasn’t? Where was it? Oh, it was Oslo. No, that’s Nobel. Oslo is Nobel. He won’t go there ’til December. It was Copenhagen so, yeah, he knows where. Ladies and gentlemen, the children of EIB heard this and demanded a chance to respond.

GIRL: Dear President Obama: Recently some whiny kids
BOY: From the World Wildlife Fund
GIRL: Asked you to go to the global climate summit in Copenhagen.
GIRL: Don’t waste your time.
BOY: Or our future.
GIRL: They just want to shake America down for some dough.
GIRL: Hurricanes are not becoming more numerous.
BOY: Or destructive.
GIRL: But putting Third World dictators in charge of our economy will be
GIRL: Forcing us to ride bicycles for the rest of our lives.
BOY: Won’t save a polar bear.
BOY: Help a walrus.
GIRL: Or change the temperature of the earth.
BOY: How do we know?
GIRL: We listen to Rush Limbaugh.
BOY: And you should, too.
ALL: We’re the children of EIB.
GIRL: And we approved this message.
ALL: Mmm, mmm, mmm.
GIRL: He doesn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh? How can he run the country?

RUSH: The children of EIB stand up and demand to be heard here on the EIB Network.

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