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RUSH: Montel Williams, who now has a radio talk show — notice how everybody wants one of those. Everybody wants a radio talk show. Everybody wants to be like me. They do. Undeniable, inarguable. We’ve put together a montage of Montel Williams’ remarks about the possible public reaction to the terror incident at Fort Hood.

WILLIAMS: We pulled something like this back in World War II when we decided to round up all Japanese-Americans and put them in internment camps. Before we could blink, the rhetoric could get out of hand. What do you think? Even if it comes out to that in the last five months based on all of his anxiety around his impending deployment, that his frame of reference was his religion and that was what was giving him the power within himself to make a stand. That doesn’t mean that the religion is to blame.

RUSH: Oh, of course not, and I guess we’re just on the verge of internment camps. I know a little bit about those internment camps. The Japanese in this country, Japanese soldiers were permitted to fight, but not in the Pacific theater, they were sent to Europe. We did things differently back then. The Japanese bombed us and we said, ‘Okay, we’re not taking any chances,’ and it was a liberal Democrat that did it. And now we’ve got Obama in the White House and we’re talking about internment of Muslims out there on left-wing talk shows? We don’t have the guts to keep ’em out of our institutions much less in — I’m not suggesting. I think it’s just paranoia these people are constantly living in, and they’re paranoid of us. They think we’re going to demand it and Obama is going to do it, which is simply laughable.

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